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Is Guadalajara Safe? A Traveler’s Safety Guide

Guadalajara is a thriving city in Mexico (the second largest, in fact) that is famous for its tequila and mariachi music. In fact, the Tequilas Del Señor is the oldest distillery in Guadalajara and has been producing tequila since 1957. As the birthplace of tequila, Guadalajara is no stranger to a good party and that is just what travelers can find in the city.

Mariachi music and delicious cuisine are also in ample supply throughout the city. Guadalajara is a place that celebrates its heritage through entertainment like music and cuisine. From traditional dishes to modern twists on Mexican foods, the city is known for its authentic dishes. Birria, pozole and antojitos are some of Guadalajara’s essential foods that travelers can enjoy during their visit.

Along with Mexican music, cuisine and tequila, travelers can enjoy the environmental attractions and historic landmarks of Guadalajara. These fun activities are why so many tourists are attracted to the city. But with the overall reputation of Mexico, which is influenced by the country’s crime rates, some travelers may feel unsure about their travels to Guadalajara. Check out these recommendations to make your next trip safe and sound.


Travelers of Guadalajara should be sure to research the area before traveling to ensure their safety. 
pictured: The city center of Guadalajara complete with a tourism sign with the cities name and fountain that pedestrians walk around

Although Guadalajara has its upsides, it is not the safest city in Mexico. Some may consider it relatively safe, but it does have a high crime rate. While this technically depends on the region, there is some violent crime and cartel activity. Tourists are encouraged to reconsider travel to Jalisco (Guadalajara’s home state) due to crime and kidnapping via the U.S. Department of State website. Some territorial battles have broken out in tourist areas and harmed bystanders in the past. Travelers should certainly exercise caution if they are adamant about visiting Guadalajara. 

Travel Tips 

Travelers should periodically check travel advisories to ensure their planned destination does not get categorized as a “do not travel” destination. Other than staying informed about gang-related occurrences, travelers should always exercise caution and stay alert while traveling in areas that are not considered the safest. Visitors should keep track of possessions, never walk around alone at night and avoid dangerous areas while in Guadalajara.


Guadalajara has public transportation that is accessible and makes exploring the city easier and safer. 
pictured: a historic building in Guadalajara with many pedestrians exploring the area on foot

Transportation in Guadalajara is quite simple. The city is easily explored on foot and has plenty of attractions that are within walking distance of each other. So, unless travelers want to see far away destinations, they can walk around Guadalajara very easily. The city buses are reliable but they are very popular with locals, so they may be full or a bit too snug for comfort. The metro is great for commuting locals but is less ideal for travelers trying to reach the city’s best attractions. Despite this, the metro is an affordable option since it costs around 40 cents per ride. From the Guadalajara International Airport (GDL), the city center is around 12 miles away. An alternative mode of transportation is opting to take taxis or rental cars. 

When To Visit

Check out the best times to visit Guadalajara, Mexico to have a safe visit.
pictured: the central city area of Guadalajara, Mexico during fall with historical buildings and cloudy skies

The city of Guadalajara has experienced some strange weather that may strike fear into potential travelers. Hailstorms have occurred in the past, which may make some travelers fearful of the weather conditions of Guadalajara. But travelers will be glad to know that the weather in Guadalajara is fairly consistent. The area is temperate year-round, so the weather does not commonly deter travelers from visiting. Since it is an inland city that sits at a high elevation, visitors to Guadalajara can enjoy steady warm weather.

The best season to visit is during the fall. Between October and December, travelers can enjoy drier weather, which is a benefit since the area can be quite rainy. The temperatures during this season are usually between the mid-70s to 80 degrees. Compared to the average temperature of 90 degrees and high average rainfall during the summer, these weather conditions are more preferable for touring Guadalajara on foot. 

Safest Places To Stay 

There are plenty of places for visitors to stay in Guadalajara, but these places are the best for travelers concerned with safety. 
pictured: a residential area of Mexico with pedestrians walking in the streets

While Guadalajara’s central area is best for travelers who want to travel by foot, there are safe areas that may be worth the short trip. Chapalita and Providencia are the most popular and safe areas that travelers may want to stay in during their trip. These areas are more residential and as a result are more family-friendly (and all-around safer), so some travelers may desire to be in central downtown. But there are plenty of upscale local businesses like restaurants, shops and bars that travelers can enjoy in both neighborhoods. Plus, the areas are only 20 minutes away from central Guadalajara, so the attractions of the inner city are within reach. The tourist areas are generally safe but may not be considered the same at night, so nearby less urban areas may be better to ensure safety and comfort.

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