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Is New Orleans Safe To Visit?

New Orleans, Louisiana is a culturally rich destination in the southern part of the United States. The city is located on the Mississippi River and is known for its slow-paced bayous and delicious Cajun cuisine. The popular city has been nicknamed the “Big Easy” for its easy-going lifestyle and a popular dance hall of the same name that existed there in the 1900s. As the birthplace of jazz and a catalyst for blues, this description is fit for the city. Travelers can enjoy snazzy music playing from every corner of the city and even visit the New Orleans Jazz Museum while in town. 

New Orleans is also popularly known for its world-class food, significant music culture, shopping, and festivals like Mardi Gras and Essence Fest that attract hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. While the city’s welcoming culture is famous worldwide, it also has a nightlife scene that is perceived by some as dangerous. So is New Orleans the right destination for a safe vacation? 

Is New Orleans Safe for Families? 

The bayou is one of the most serene places families can visit together in New Orleans. Other areas offer more exhilarating environments that are not favorable for children. Learn more about the safety level of the city for families. Pictured: The New orleans bayou

New Orleans is not well-known as a family-friendly environment, but it has plenty for kids to do. Of course, vacationing families will have to keep in mind that some areas of New Orleans are known for nightclubs and all-day parties. Parents and caretakers should be sure to keep young ones in areas that are more suitable for children since crowded areas and the exciting nightlife of New Orleans can be overwhelming. 

The crime rate for the city is above the national average rate, therefore travelers should exercise caution when visiting the Big Easy. These unlawful acts commonly occur outside of tourist areas, so travelers are considered safe while visiting New Orleans. Many of the dangerous areas are not central, so tourists will not encounter dangerous situations if they exercise caution.

The consensus for New Orleans’ safety level is that it is most commonly enjoyed by partygoers but can also be enjoyed by families that are selective about the areas and times they explore the city. 

Family Friendly and Adult Burroughs

Areas like Bourbon Street offer around-the-clock nightlife and classic French Quarter charm. A visit to Bourbon Street, for the novelty of it, is encouraged but travelers may want to see the area during daylight hours. The historic street is technically not off limits to kids but also has many popular bars and strip clubs, so children can not be admitted into adults-only spaces. 

Downtown New Orleans is a nice tourist destination that is perfectly safe for visitors of all ages. The downtown area (or Central Business District) is a safe and convenient place for families to travel because of its accessibility. The area offers the most restaurants and activities for families to keep their little ones entertained. The Audubon Aquarium and Caesars Superdome are close-by options for free time activities. 

The Garden District is a historic section of uptown New Orleans that exudes antique charm and beauty. The streets are lined with grand historic mansions and exemplary gardens. The Charles Avenue Streetcar is a popular activity for travelers who want to explore the architectural grandeur of the Garden District. For only a few dollars, families can book a ride and leisurely sightsee in the area, a secure and well-lit neighborhood. 

Safety Tips for Visiting Party Goers

Partying is a popular activity for visitors of New Orleans. But considering the history of the city, it is normal for visitors to wonder if New Orleans safe to visit. Pictured: Bourbon Street in New Orleans bustling with people

For travelers who do not plan to explore New Orleans with children and want to partake in the adult-only nightlife scene, safety precautions can still be of benefit. Come sundown, the Big Easy can be anything but easy to navigate for visitors, but these tips should alleviate the issue of safety for both solo and group travelers. 

Tourism Precautions 

As one of the world’s most iconic destinations that holds city-wide events and celebrations, New Orleans can be hard to navigate. Travelers will benefit from practicing common precautions while exploring the historic city. First, visitors should try to travel in groups if possible. Although solo travelers are not in extreme danger, traveling in packs provides more security and accountability for those who plan to drink or explore poorly lit streets at night. If travelers want to indulge in spirits (the liquid kind, not the spooky kind), they are encouraged to never leave their drink unattended and to use ride-share applications like Uber or Lyft. They should always confirm their driver’s identity by at least checking that the driver’s profile picture, name, and license plate match before getting into the vehicle.

The key to having an enjoyable and safe visit to New Orleans is staying alert and planning according to the different areas travelers want to explore. Being cognizant of timing, location, and age is important when visiting New Orleans.

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