Judge Says Lyrics Can Be Used In The Young Thug RICO Trial

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Following extreme backlash, petitions, and in-house debating, a judge ruled that Young Thug’s lyrics can be used as evidence in the YSL RICO trial.

After almost a year, the YSL RICO trial has seated its jury and now the actual trial can move forward. Gathering the jury was the biggest hurdle on a short list of obstacles to overcome. Another urgent matter involved the use of song lyrics as evidence.

According to the Associated Press, the matter has been decided and did not go in Young Thug or YSL’s favor.

“The question is not rap lyrics. The question is gang lyrics,” prosecutor Mike Carlson told the judge during a hearing Wednesday, later adding. “These are party admissions. They happen to come in the form of lyrics.”

Defense attorney Doug Weinstein’s rebuttal was simple, the defendant’s lyrics are performative as they are playing characters. He also pointed out how the prosecution would essentially have an easy win if they got to use the lyrics.

“They’re going to look at these lyrics and instantly say they are guilty,” he said. “They are not going to look at the evidence that’s actually probative of their guilt once these lyrics get in front of them.” -said Weinstein who represents Yak Gotti.

After taking almost a year to compile a jury Judge Ural Glanville didn’t waste much time listening to lyric arguments and in the end, he decided to allow 17 sets of lyrics in the trial. There is one stipulation, however; the prosecution must show that the lyrics are related to specific crimes outlined in the case.

AP also reports that the lyrics have to fit into three categories; they have to prove YSL is a criminal enterprise, prove Young Thug is the leader, and prove criminal gang activity about specific crimes in the indictment.

You can watch Judge Glanville explain his ruling below.

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