Keith Lee, Viral Food Review TikToker, Kindly Lambasts Atlanta Eateries

Keith remained a good sport throughout the foolishness.

Keith Lee, a popular food review TikToker, wrought havoc on social media with his critique of the customer service practices at the city’s food spots.

The viral influencer, who boasts over 14 million followers on the video-sharing app, has become a household name for his engaging food reviews, often shedding light on struggling restaurants with great food and service to match. However, this enjoyable dining experience was not often the case during his trip to Atlanta.

In his honest reviews of the Black-owned restaurants, such as The Real Milk and Honey and Atlanta Breakfast Club, Lee noted the “unique” treatment of non-celebrity customers and additional charges for typically free items, such as butter for biscuits.

Another restaurant not left unscathed was Kandi Burruss’ Old Lady Gang, where Lee declined to sit and eat after his family was told they needed to wait for over an hour. It should be noted that Lee typically sends his family in first. The OLG host also informed the family that they couldn’t order takeout on the weekends.

However, it was only when Lee entered the building to inspect the scene that the hostess informed the content creator that his table would be ready in five minutes. Noting the discrepancy in the wait times, Lee decided to forego the opportunity, detailing the matter on his TikTok.

“Things like this is exactly why I do reviews the way I do,” explained Lee. “Just because I have a certain amount of followers on social media, don’t make me different from nobody.”

He then continued about the ordeal, referencing how his trips to other restaurants in Atlanta have been similar regarding general customer service.

“I’m going to be very transparent and honest. I am frustrated,” shared the social media personality. “Me and my family just trying to eat food. That’s all we try to do.”

However, Lee encouraged his large following not to partake in tearing these businesses down and instead to visit these places themselves before leaving negative reviews. The Real Milk and Honey responded to the backlash garnered since Lee’s review of its restaurant, creating a since-deleted TikTok making a sarcastic remark, “Who is Keith Lee?”

However, the video’s caption shared a message of spreading positivity as well.

Old Lady Gang owner Kandi Burruss posted a response today on social media.

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