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Keke Palmer Files for Full Custody of Son, Restraining Order

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On Thursday, actress and singer Keke Palmer filed a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend and child’s father, Darius Jackson.

Palmer also requested full custody of their eight-month-old son, Leodis Andrelton Jackson.

Palmer alleges although they appeared happy, the couple was experiencing rough times outside the public eye. Over the span of their two-year relationship, Palmer claims that Jackson was physically and emotionally abusive.

The former couple had been dating for two years but began experiencing problems throughout their relationship. Fans started noticing after Jackson criticized Palmer for the outfit that she wore to Usher’s concert.

Keke Palmer file
Photo Courtesy: KeKe Palmer/Instagram

Jackson stated, “It’s the outfit, tho..You a mom,” referencing her sheer black bodysuit that she wore. Fans were not pleased with Jackson after his comments, and neither was Palmer. Their relationship would soon end.

Palmer stated that his temper showcased a “violent, volatile, and jealous nature”

Palmer accuses Jackson of hitting her and “spewing profanities” about her in front of their child. There are many examples of abuse where Palmer felt unsafe around Jackson, such as when he damaged her property and threatened to commit suicide if she left him.

Not only was Palmer worried about her own safety, but most importantly, she was “very concerned” about Leodis’ well-being in Jackson’s care. Palmer stated that he has a temper and showcases a “violent, volatile, and jealous nature.”

On November 5, security footage shows Jackson trespassing into Palmer’s home. Before Jackson threatened her, he was “lunging for [her] neck, striking [her], throwing [her] over the couch, and stealing [her] phone.” According to Palmer, the violence occurred after she told him she was calling the police for trespassing.

Officials arrived before Jackson was able to leave the scene and suggested to Palmer that he file a domestic violence restraining order.

Keke Palmer filed requests for no contact from Jackson

After news broke up about Jackson, he posted a photo with Leodis with the caption, “I love you, son. See you soon.”

According to court documents, Palmer requested no contact from Jackson and for him to be at least 100 yards distance. Further, she has stated she wants no child support from Jackson or for him to be given any visitation rights.

Ending the two-year relationship was very difficult for Palmer, and she credits her son for giving her the strength to call it quits.

“It is because of our son, Leo, that I was finally able to end my relationship with Darius once and for all and escape the abuse,” Palmer stated.

She furthered, “Leo is the most important thing in the entire world to me; he needs and deserves to be safe and grow up in an environment free from the violence.”

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