LeBron James Says He’d Be Just As Dominant Without The Heat

LeBron James - Los Angeles Lakers v Houston Rockets

LeBron James – Source: Carmen Mandato / Getty

LeBron James recently made it clear, that he’d STILL be King James even if he never played in Miami.

Usually, LeBron is humble and doesn’t flex too much when he obviously could but he recently reminded everyone that he’s on top.

According to ESPN, King James recently shut down naysayers and said that even if he didn’t go to the Miami Heat, he’d still be the guy.

“I think I would still be at this level no matter if I would’ve came here or not,” he shared. “Let’s not get it twisted: The four years I was here, it was amazing. I loved everything about it. Loved this franchise, this franchise is top tier, it’s one of the best franchises in the world,” he said. “But as far as my career, my career was going to be my career as far as individually, because I know how much I put into the game and I know how much I strived to be as great as I can be. [But] as far as what I was able to learn here was second to none, that’s for sure.”

LeBron revealed this to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin while discussing his legacy and when his comments sparked chatter on X, formerly known as Twitter, he doubled down.

“You damn right I would still be!” James wrote. “I’m CHOSEN! Ain’t nothing changing that! Maybe lessbut DOMINANT from start to finish.”

LeBron is in year 21 looking just as dominant as ever so we won’t disagree with him but there are a ton of people expressing their doubts about him and his legacy. Luckily we all know it’s just delusion and some people won’t give him his credit no matter what. Just last season, LeBron carried a broken Lakers squad to the Western Conference finals and until we see otherwise, it’s safe to say that he could do it again.

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