Le’Keian Woods body camera video released by JSO

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Le’Keian Woods was the subject of a BOSSIP report last week that exposed the violence that the 24-year-old suffered at the hands of several Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office deputies during an arrest attempt. A viral video shows a handcuffed Woods’ face bloodied and swollen as officers were apprehending him but did not show who beat him or how he was beaten.

Fast forward to today and the JSO has released the body camera video from one of the officers who made initial contact with Woods and several other men who were detained at a traffic stop. In the new footage, Woods can be seen running from the scene and being chased by an aggressive officer who repeatedly yelled “You’re so f***ed!” while in pursuit.

The video also shows the brutal beating that took place once Woods was captured.

Be warned, the following clip is disturbing. Please take stock of your mental health prior to pressing play


At 5:14 you can see one of the officers bash Woods in the face with his knee over and over and over and over again.

Initially, it was reported that Woods was pulled over for a seat belt violation. However, according to DailyMail, Chief of Professional Standards Mike Shell says that officers allegedly witnessed Woods complete a drug transaction and moved in to arrest him. As a result of the beating, Woods was taken to the hospital for a concussion, cuts, bruises, severe swelling, and a badly split lip.

‘When I looked at that picture of my son I felt like Emmett Till’s mother when she saw her son and he was unrecognizable,’ Natassia Woods told reporters. ‘That how felt when I seen my son.’

It’s obvious to us that this young man was brutalized by officers after he was already subdued and surrounded. It’s also obvious to us that these cops, who could very well be out of shape and exhausted from running, took out their cardiovascular frustrations on an unarmed Black man. These men should be convicted as criminals and be treated as such.

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