Leonard Cure killed by deputy following exoneration

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This is so damn sad.

53-year-old Leonard Cure spent 16 years of his life incarcerated in a Florida prison for a crime that he didn’t commit. In 2004, Cure was wrongfully convicted of armed robbery but was exonerated and released three years ago. According to a report in AP News, Cure was gunned down by a Georgia sheriff’s deputy this past week on Oct. 16, during a traffic stop. The report states that Cure was pulled over for doing over 90 mph. Let the cops tell it, Cure was compliant with the officer until he was told he was being arrested for reckless driving.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says that Cure disobeyed the officer’s commands, struck the officer, and was unresponsive to two uses of the officers taser before he was finally shot. Until we see the body camera footage we will not believe a single word of that story because police have a robust and sordid history of telling bald-faced lies. That footage is being reviewed by the GBI and Agent Stacy Carson declined to release it to the public while the investigation is ongoing. Hopefully, the pressure to release the video publicly will persist through that process.

Executive Director of the Innocence Project of Florida, Seth Miller, spoke to the AP about the man helped attain his rightful freedom:

“Lenny was a good soul, cared about people,” Miller said. “He was getting his life back together.”

If the GBI knows what’s good for them, they will released that video ASAP before the public loses patience with the lack of transparency. We’ll be following this case and will update you with any advancements.

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