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Let These 10 Celebrities Inspire Your Halloween Beauty Looks

Let These 10 Celebrities Inspire Your Halloween Beauty Looks
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With just one week before Halloween, finding last minute costumes may be on the top of your to-do list. You may be scrolling through the celebrity looks you screenshotted months ago for inspiration. Maybe you’re trying to put together a costume, makeup, and wigs to overnight ship or you’re searching through storage to re-wear your look from last year. Either way, Halloween is the time of year where you can cosplay as someone, or something other than yourself for the night– even if that means being a “sexy kitty cat” for the third year in a row. 

Last year, Lori Harvey, for one, got all dolled up in a cat costume herself. Specifically, she recreated a look from Beyoncé’s “Kitty Kat” music video: cheetah print eyeshadow, coffin-shaped nails, and a high ponytail included. Speaking of Beyoncé, take inspiration from her Toni Braxton look, and dress-up as your favorite legend with a timeless beauty look. You can also never go wrong with Disney princess beauty– perfect for matching with the little ones for trick-or-treating. Take a page out of Nicki Minaj’s book as last Halloween she transformed into Cinderella with a blonde bouffant updo, baby pink lipstick, and razor-sharp liner.  

Ciara and Saweetie went with multiple looks– a pro tip if you have a weekend full of events to attend. Ciara honored TLC with a photoshoot as all three members, while Saweetie paid homage to the members of Destiny’s Child in her Bootylicious photo-op. And then there was Megan Thee Stallion who brought the “real hot girl” energy with a supervillain lava girl look. She pulled it off with black and orange nails, lined lips and red shadow.

If you’re in search of spooky beauty inspiration, below, take a look back at the iconic makeup and hair looks from these 10 celebrities over the past few years.

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