Ma$e Was ‘Hunted’ By ’70 Or So Bloods’ Night Of B.I.G.’s Death

Ma$e, who has reunited with childhood friend, Cam’ron, to co-host the popular It Is What It Is podcast, made a revelation on a recent episode of the show. He explained that he was “trapped” in an L.A. hotel room around the time his labelmate, The Notorious B.I.G., was killed in Los Angeles.

At the conclusion of the episode, Cam’ron, reading a question from a fan, asked Ma$e where he was when B.I.G. was shot and killed on March 9, 1997.

Cam’ron asked, “The night that Biggie Smalls died, where were you and what did you do in the aftermath right after Biggie Smalls died?”

vMa$e then explained the situation he was in, as he stated that members of the Blood gang were probably on the hunt for more Bad Boy artists, so he had to lay low.

“I was in a hotel. I was actually in a hotel with a young lady,” Ma$e responded. “I actually was trapped in the hotel.”

He went on to explain why he was trapped. The presence of L.A. gang members had him hiding in the room so he could stay safe.

“It was about, probably like, 70 or so Bloods in the hallway. I couldn’t even leave my room,” Ma$e revealed.

“After B.I.G. got killed, they were probably looking for more Bad Boy artists. And I couldn’t even leave the room ’til Gene Deal had to come get me.”

“Damn, that’s f**ked up,” Cam told him. “Sorry.”

“I was left in L.A. And from that day, I always said, ‘I’m outta here,” Ma$e continues. “I was left! I came there with people; I ain’t leave with those people. You know how it goes. Find your way home.”

Ma$e concluded that he made it back home safely after the frightening situation.

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