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Marlon Wayans “unfairly prosecuted” after United Airlines dispute

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Actor and comedian Marlon Wayans wants Denver prosecutors to drop a case against him after an alleged incident of racial discrimination during a flight on United Airlines.

Wayans, 51, faces a charge of disturbing the peace in Denver after an incident in June in which he was kicked off his first-class United Airlines flight due to the number of bags he had with him.

The “White Chicks” actor claimed he had a backpack, a small carry-on bag and a garment bag for his suit. He tried to catch a flight to Kansas City for one of his comedy performances.

Instead, the United Airlines gate agent physically blocked Marlon Wayans from entering the gate, according to allegations Wayans’ attorneys made in a court filing on Thursday.

Marlon Wayans (Associated Press)

Wayans’ attorneys say he tried to follow directions by consolidating his three bags into two. Yet, the gate agent continued to prevent him from boarding. Wayans eventually walked past the gate agent and boarded the flight anyway, only to be removed moments later.

“Sorry KC I’m gonna miss tonight’s shows due to a United gate agent who probably hated white chicks,” Wayans said on Twitter after the incident.

Marlon Wayans fight “discriminatory” charges after United Airlines dispute

In court documents filed Thursday, Wayans’ attorneys revealed surveillance images that showed White passengers boarding the United Airlines flight with the same number of bags he had, according to the Associated Press.

Seeking a dismissal of the case, Wayans’ attorneys said Denver prosecutors are perpetuating discrimination and denying his right to equal protection under the law.

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Notably, police officers appeared doubtful that Marlon Wayans had committed any crime. Regardless, the gate agent requested charges against him.

Marlon Wayans, an actor known for making people laugh with the most ridiculous, outrageous jokes, has signaled he won’t back down from his effort to dismiss the charge.

Allegedly stoking centuries-old racist tropes about Black men, Wayans said the gate agent told police Wayans “shoved,” “pushed” or “elbowed” him.

Wayans denied the allegation, saying instead he may have “brushed” past him.

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