Marshawn Lynch Laughed In HC’s Face Over Super Bowl Loss

Marshawn Lynch - Slashers v Gryphons

Marshawn Lynch – Source: Ian Maule / Getty

Marshawn Lynch said that he laughed in Pete Carrol’s face after Russell Wilson’s goal-line interception during Super Bowl XLIX.

After Shannon Sharpe moved his Club Shay Shay podcast to Colin Cowherd’s The Volume podcast network he hasn’t slowed down with viral content and his latest features Marshawn Lynch.

During his chat with BeastMode, the former NFL player opened up about the infamous Super Bowl XLIX interception when the Seattle Seahawks were down by four points and inches from scoring before Russell Wilson threw an interception.

Even casual fans knew that the team should’ve run the ball and given the ball to Marshawn Lyn for the win, but that somehow didn’t happen.

According to Complex, Lynch told Shannon Sharpe that after the play went awry, he got petty with head coach Pete Carroll.

“I go by Russ, and I just hear him like, ‘Ah man, I’ll get him next time.’ As I hear this s***, I usually don’t take my helmet off, but I take my helmet off, and I go right to Pete Carroll, and I hit his a** with the biggest ‘AHAHAHAHAHA.’ And at that point, I go to the locker room. I’m out. I don’t want to see all this s*** going on. I don’t see the last few plays. I’m in the locker room.”

Lynch also said he bumped into Lenny Kravitz on his way to the locker room while the game was still happening.

“Don’t you got a game?” Kravitz asked, to which Beast Mode responded, “Oh yeah, that sh*t over.”

In the history of stupidest play calling, that infamous red zone interception might be number one. That one play changed the course of history for everyone on the team and according to Marshawn Lynch, it was almost impossible for the Seahawks to recover their chemistry and morale.

“You know you took a dream away, you took a moment away,” he said on Club Shay Shay. “You take a dynasty away because then you in position that, hey, you win two Super Bowls, maybe I don’t want to be the highest-paid corner or the highest-paid safety or the highest-paid receiver.  Nah, spread that cheese through the whole team so we can bring everybody back and we can go try to do three. Maybe four. Let’s see what we can get out of it.”

“Not only do you take away all that sh*t, but you put us in the history books as the dumbest call in football history.”


You can watch Marshawn Lynch and Shannon Sharpe bond over that history-making mess up below.

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