Marvel Reportedly Delaying ‘DEADPOOL 3’

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Allegedly Marvel Studios will delay Ryan Reynolds Deadpool 3 and replace the release date with Captain America 4.

Next year Marvel is set to ramp up their Cinematic timeline and build up the next installments of the Avengers franchise. Reportedly Ryan Reynolds Deadpool 3 will be a major building block for the MCU and feature the return of Hugh Jackman. Jackman will once again dawn the Wolverine monicker alongside his real-life bestie. Fans have waited years for the film to release and it is set to arrive on May 3, 2024.

According to ScreenRant, the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike may cause the movie to be delayed once again. However, the film has wrapped principal filming, and small reshoots are all that’s left. So it’s a small chance the delay could be avoided.

Furthermore, Insiders suggest we will see several of the former Fox Marvel characters in the film.

The film could be the cameo-heavy movie leakers claimed Dr. Strange would be. The film hasn’t officially been delayed but the rumors also suggest Marvel has a solution to keep the May 2024 release date. Anthony Mackie’s upcoming outing in his first solo Captain America film could replace Deadpool 3. Captain America: Brave New World starring Anthony Mackie and Harrison Ford is allegedly done filming and could be ready to go by May. From COVID-19 to actor strikes Marvel hasn’t caught a break in a very long time.

Additionally, If we see a few more delays we might not get the next Avengers movie until 2030.

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