Matchmaker Tamica Lee Talks ‘Ready To Love: Make A Move’

A Big Easy reppin’ matchmaker made her Ready To Love debut and she told BOSSIP all about pairing up the ladies in the Bayou.

“What you want is not necessarily what you need,” said the expert.


Tamica Lee: OWN: Ready To Love: Make A Move

Source: Daymon Gardner / Ready To Love: Make A Move

Ready To Love: Make A Move premiered this Friday, October 13 at 8 on OWN and reintroduced RTL watchers to Ashlee Akins (S1, Atlanta), Verneashia Allen (S3, Houston), Zadia Murphy (S4, Washington, D.C.), and Shereese Logan (S6, Miami).

The show also gave OWN watchers a reintroduction to Tamica Lee, an expert matchmaker who’s the “Queen of New Orleans.” Lee has made waves on television in reality TV on Southern Charm New Orleans and as a Good Morning New Orleans anchor.

Tamica Lee: OWN: Ready To Love: Make A Move

Source: Daymon Gardner / Ready To Love: Make A Move

Now she’s using her expertise in all things NOLA to benefit beauties looking for love.


Source: Daymon Gardner for OWN / Ready To Love: Make A Move

On Friday’s premiere, Tamica presented 25 potential Mr. Rights to the ladies. The ladies picked out which men caught their eyes first and selected dates based on their personal preferences. At the end of the episode, however, they got a wake-up call when Tamica said she’d be intervening and pairing them with a Mr. Right they may have overlooked.

According to Tamica, New Orleans is a “spectacular place” for the four RTL alumna to find love.

“Once you land in New Orleans, and you leave, it’s like, what just happened?” Tamica told BOSSIP’s Managing Editor Dani Canada. “I’m like, New Orleans just happened, right? It gets in your soul, the music, the food. It’s so romantic. It’s so full of culture. And that’s why you can find love here.

“It’s anywhere you turn on any block. There’s so many different experiences and so many different people and in these men at any different time that you can find any one thing you want.”

She also added that she challenged Vernisha, Zadia, Ashlee, and Shereese to go deeper when establishing connections with these “uniquely different” men who varied from musicians to lawyers, and a former NFL player who owns 17 cats.

According to the matchmaker, she encouraged the ladies to write down everything they were looking for in a mate and throw it away.

Tamica Lee: OWN: Ready To Love: Make A Move

Source: Daymon Gardner / Ready To Love: Make A Move

“Sometimes I think what you want is not necessarily what you need,” said Tamica to BOSSIP. “And I think you need to hear that and know that and kind of experience that. That’s what dating is about, so my thing to the ladies was to go out with somebody who you wouldn’t think you want to go out with.

“If height was a factor, go with somebody shorter than you, or if kids were a factor, go out with someone who has kids and just see what you’re open to,” she added.

“I’ve been married for 16 years, with my husband for 20 years, and he is everything that I did not want on paper,” she added. “He is nothing that I wanted on paper, so sometimes you have to experience love outside of what you think you want.”

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After the course of 12, one-hour episodes, our four single stunners each need to decide if any of the men are worthy for them to MAKE A MOVE permanently to New Orleans for a fresh start at life and love – or if they’ll return back to their own homes still searching for “the one.”

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