Meagan Good Is In Good Spirits With New Vodka Venture

The vodka retails at $23 and can be purchased in stores such as Total Wine, Costco, Winn Dixie and Green’s Beverages and other locations across the south. 

Actress Meagan Good is the latest star to have her own alcohol brand.

The multi-hyphenate star is partnering with Black-owned GreenLine Spirits to create a signature line of recipes and flavors with its St. Royale Vodka brand.

Good took to her Instagram page to share the new business venture with her fans.

“I am excited to announce  my new partnership with @StRoyaleVodka. St. Royal Premium Vodka is unparalleled in purity + it’s unique handcrafted distillation process,” The actress wrote.

“Be sure to check out the new green tea lychee flavor I helped create. By far the best vodka I’ve ever tasted, and I’m excited for you all to try it + to share my unique recipes with everyone to enjoy.”

The My Cousin Skeeter star told People that she plans to go on a promotional bottle-signing tour in 2024.

St. Royale vodka comes in two other flavors, green tea and peach green tea.

GreenLine Spirits, the company that owns St. Royal, was founded by Ted Fason. The former professional basketball player and real estate investor founded the award-winning vodka brand in 2016.  Fason says he was inspired by the “enchanting surroundings” of Charleston, South Carolina, where the company is based.

“St. Royale Vodka, a boutique spirits brand rooted in the historic charm of Charleston, South Carolina proudly announces its establishment as a new and innovative player in the world of premium vodka,” the company’s website reads. “Crafted with dedication and a commitment to excellence, St. Royale Vodka embodies the rich heritage and Southern hospitality of Charleston, bringing a taste of the Lowcountry to connoisseurs around the globe.”

The vodka retails at $23 and can be purchased in stores across the South, including Total Wine, Costco, Winn Dixie and Green’s Beverages, or on the company’s website.

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