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Meet Miraco, A New Fine Jewelry Line To Know

Miraco Is A New, Black-Owned Fine Jewelry Line To Know

Miraco, a new fine jewelry line by founder Samira Baraki was created with the intention of people from all backgrounds receiving an opportunity to feel the innate power of beautiful jewelry. Baraki has been a lover of jewelry since she was a young girl. With roots that stretch as far as Ethiopia, she is staking her claim in the competitive accessories space–at the moment the New York-based brand manufactures its pieces in Istanbul and Milan. “Ever since I was little, I’ve loved jewelry and the idea of finding beautiful pieces I could keep and enjoy forever or pass down as an investment to future generations,” Baraki shares. 

Her story as a Black jewelry designer comes years after she attended Loyola University for undergrad, next she attended Strayer University where she received her MBA. During her impressive career, she’s held stints at United Airlines and The RLJ Companies. With Miraco, Baraki is radically shifting ideals of what a fine jewelry customer looks like. 

Officially launching yesterday, the variation of gold pieces the brand offers are all about comfort and wearability. The accessible price points start at $300 and ether upwards to $1,500–necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets make up the first collection Baraki has launched. By utilizing hollow gold, the founder and CEO is subverting notions that luxury is only attainable with ultra-high price points. There is something special about luxury jewelry, and with Miraco we want to bring more people into this category as it relates to both price and representation,” Baraki noted. This is a refreshing notion that should resonate with consumers who are looking for newer, diverse-led brands.

Miraco Is A New, Black-Owned Fine Jewelry Line To Know

By knocking out the barrier of high prices Baraki is setting her company up to become accessible. She was pushed to create Miraco when she was traveling abroad in 2022 after she met a jewelry atelier in Instanbul (she purchased pieces from this atelier). Once she returned to the United States she was shocked by the appraisal value of her new purchases which was more than three times what she’d paid. 

Baraki believes brands are significantly marking up their prices, and with Miraco she wants to eradicate the normalization of this. So she’s choosing to bring “exceptional value” and “quality jewelry” to the accessories market. One of her higher-end items, the 14k gold Atlas earrings which feature pavé diamonds are priced at $5,980. 

With the launch of Miraco, Baraki is pushing diversity at all fronts: with her internal team, visual marketing materials, model castings, and talent partnerships. She is hopeful that by creating an inclusive business, customers will resonate with the output her team reveals: lookbooks, their social media presence, new pieces, and more. The sky is the limit for Miraco, and Baraki is aiming to continue shelling out affordable items that spark joy but also evoke luxury. “I can’t wait to see how our customers will wear our pieces and fit them into their own unique style,” Baraki adds. 

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