Michael Blackson Challenges Kevin Hart As He Inks Celebrity Boxing Deal

Comedian Michael Blackson is ready to square up in the ring and is challenging Kevin Hart for a Celebrity Boxing match.

Blackson is revved up for the fight in a video posted by TMZ, which shows the moment the comedian made things official with Celebrity Boxing founder Damon Feldman. Following Blackson signing the contract, the actor got down to the trash talk and Hart, who had previous beef with the Ghanaian-Liberian-American comedian, was in the mentions.

The smoke between the two celebrity comedians began when the “Meet the Black” star repeatedly made jokes about Hart’s 2017 cheating scandal. According to Business Insider, Hart made headlines after he cheated on his wife, Eniko Hart, while she was pregnant.

The two comedians who butted heads over the scandal, reportedly laid the feud to rest. Blackson comedian told TMZ, “[Hart] said I was excessive with my jokes. Me, when I go in, I just go in” Blackson said regarding the jokes he told about his fellow comedian. The actor said the situation was worked out when the two met up and hashed-out the situation. “… At the end of the day … comedians, man we are like brothers. We watch each other’s progress.” 

Blackson continued, “We don’t want to admit to it, but comedians are very sensitive. Nothing bothers me anymore. I have surgically removed my feelings. I went to a surgeon, I said ‘hey get these feelings out of me’. … I have no feelings, nothing bothers me, I don’t care.”

Blackson told TMZ, “Beef at the end of the day is never good. There’s so much more we can do together as a team.” 

The celebrity comedian is already throwing jabs at his opponent and calling out other celebs at the same time. According to Sports Tiger, Blackson has set his sights on other celebrities such as DC Young Fly, DeRay Davis and Katt Williams. The humorist bluffed, “Who’s coming to the place? Who’s for you punk b****, m*****s****** wanna get in the ring with me? Who are you? Who is it gonna be? Is it a m***** Kevin Hart? Is it leprechaun Katt Williams? Is it a punk b**** hazel-eyed light skinned b**** named DeRay Davis? Is it a crackhead looking punk b**** DC Young Dirty Fly? Who wants some of this?”

Fans are waiting to see who is ready to step into the ring and take on Blackson.

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