Morris Brown College To Enroll International Students For The First Time in Over 20 Years

Morris Brown College has received approval from the Student and Exchange Visitor Program to enroll international students with the F-1 visa for the first time in over 20 years.

“International students can now pursue their education at Morris Brown College, which happens to be one of the most affordable colleges in the entire state of Georgia, and the most affordable HBCU in Atlanta with a tuition fee of $4,250.00 per semester,” said Morris Brown President Dr. Kevin James. “We will promptly begin recruiting students from the Bahamas, the continent of Africa, and various other locations worldwide.”

When the school lost its accreditation in 2002, Morris Brown students could not get federal financial aid or international student visas. The school regained full accreditation from the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) in April 2022.

The F-1 Visa (Academic Student) allows international students to enter the United States as full-time students at an accredited college, university, seminary, conservatory, academic high school, elementary school, or other academic institution or in a language training program.

Per the F-1 visa, international students must enroll as full-time students at the college, demonstrate proficiency in English or be enrolled in courses designed to improve English skills, provide proof of financial resources to support their studies in the United States, and possess ties to their home country that indicate their intention to return after completing their education in the United States.

“We are thrilled by the reinstatement of the F-1 Visa at Morris Brown College – this is a historic occasion! I would like to express my gratitude to the team for their hard work and dedication in making this possible,” Dr. James said.

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