MTV ‘Catfish’ Hosts Investigate A Love Possible Fake Page

We’ve got a special treat for y’all ahead of the latest episode of MTV Catfish.


Source: Courtesy / MTV

We’ve got an exclusive clip from tonight’s brand new episode of MTV Catfish. In the clip below we watch Nev and Kamie do what they do best on behalf of Jasmine…

Jasmine has dealt with hardship and loss at every step of her life, that is until she met Ryan. He’s perfect, but never shows up! His sus excuses of why he cannot meet have Nev and Kamie wondering if Ryan might be lyin’!

Check out the clip below to see what we mean:

The “bought” vs. “bot” pun was really funny.

Have y’all ever been catfished? Or approached by a fake page? In this day and age you’d have to have pretty much steered clear of social media completely in order to have avoided catfish, scammers and bots entirely.

But interestingly enough — a lot of catfish continue to do what they do. This show has been a staple for so long that they have actually spun the block on a few of Catfish alums who just can’t quit their shady ways. It’s just wild to us that people are still falling for the fake profiles after the way so many folks have been exposed.

Nev and Kamie out here trying to lead the way.

Tune in tonight Tuesday, October 16 at 8pm ET on MTV for the brand new episode of Catfish!

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