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Must-Watch TV: Travel & Food Shows With Black Leads

While Anthony Bourdain undeniably blazed a trail in the realm of food and travel shows, this next generation of TV travel hosts offers viewers a fresh and enticing array of flavors. Tune into these top picks of travel and food shows perfect for cozy evenings in front of the TV.

Fly Brother

Fly Brother is an acclaimed television docuseries that encapsulates the essence of global camaraderie and connection. With Ernest White II as the gracious host, every episode embarks on an enthralling odyssey. White emboldens viewers by visiting friends on his travels. These friendships bloom into a look at the landscapes of their homes and the profound bonds that unite humanity. The series portrays the world as a mosaic of companionship and shared adventures through compelling storytelling and evocative imagery. This travel TV must-watch reinforces the notion that each person serves as an integral member of a remarkable global family.

Black Travel Across America

In the compelling television series “Black Travel Across America,” the passionate travel consultant, Martinique Lewis, embarks on an illuminating journey. Her mission is to explore destinations that hold a significant place in history as Green Book locations. Lewis delves into contemporary Black travel destinations, discovering the wealth of culture, art, and heritage they have to offer. With each step of her voyage, Lewis brings to life the intricate interplay of past and present, celebrating the enduring spirit of Black travelers across America.

Fresh Fried & Crispy

“Fresh, Fried & Crispy,” a delectable American food reality TV show, is flawlessly hosted by Daym Drops. Drops embarks on an epic culinary adventure in each scrumptious episode. From Southern classics to street food finds, the show tantalizes viewers with an irresistible exploration of the crispy culinary delights. Drops’ infectious and unwavering love of food brings an entertaining twist, making it an absolute feast for the senses.

Never Say Never

National Geographic’s exhilarating series, “Never Say Never,” features intrepid travel journalist Jeff Jenkins. The show is an awe-inspiring journey of pushing boundaries and discovering untapped potential. With a relentless spirit, Jenkins embarks on a globe-trotting odyssey, fearlessly testing his physical capabilities in some of the world’s most extreme environments. As he challenges the limits of human endurance, the show unveils breathtaking landscapes and cultural treasures from every corner of the Earth.

“Never Say Never” transcends mere exploration. Jeff Jenkins’s deep connections with locals add profound layers to the narrative. This engaging show proves that travel isn’t just about discovering the world; it’s also a profound journey of self-discovery. The physical feats accomplished are rivaled only by the emotional and spiritual growth experienced by the host.

High On The Hog

Netflix’s compelling docuseries, “High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America,” delves into the roots of Black food and its inseparable connection to American culinary culture. Chef and writer Stephen Satterfield passionately traces the delectable, history-rich threads from Africa to Texas, weaving a narrative that unravels the deep influence of Black food. This remarkable series underscores a profound truth—Black food is at the heart of American cuisine.

This culinary exploration unveils the often-overlooked history of African-American contributions, celebrating their resilience and innovation in shaping the nation’s palate. Through the lens of this docuseries, the integral role of Black culinary traditions comes vividly to life, reaffirming that Black food is American food.

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