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New polling show Biden in danger of losing a rematch with Trump

One week after Democrats won big in Kentucky, Ohio and Virginia, alarm bells are sounding again amid Biden’s re-election hopes. New polling paints an increasingly worrying picture for the president’s chance at a second term.

Several new Bloomberg/Morning Consult polls released Friday show Biden trailing former President Trump in nearly all key battleground states.

The polls, conducted from 10/31 – 11/17, surveyed swing state voters’ support for four candidates: Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Robert Kennedy, Jr. and Cornel West.

According to the polls, Biden is down by nine points in both Georgia and North Carolina. In 2020, the president won Georgia by less than one quarter of one percent and lost North Carolina by less than 1.5%.

Kennedy polled at 11% in Georgia and 9% in North Carolina, while West was at just 1 and 2 percent, respectively.

In the rustbelt states of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, Biden is behind Trump by two and three points, respectively.

The story is the same out west in two other crucial states that secured the presidency for Biden. In Arizona, a state Biden carried by just over 10,000 votes in 2020, the president trails Trump by four percent. And next door in Nevada, Biden is three points behind Trump.

Of all swing states surveyed, the only state Biden polled ahead was Michigan. There, the president held a one point lead over Trump, down from the 3% victory he secured in 2020. Even with that single-digit lead, however, Biden is still polling below 40% in the state.

Biden’s polling nationwide is now nearly three points behind Trump, according to the latest averages from Real Clear Politics.

Trump also leads nationally, with nearly 1 in 5 Americans supporting an independent candidate

Trump currently holds a 39.2% polling average, compared to Biden’s 36.5% average. Independents Kennedy and West are polling lower, at 15.3% and 3.8% averages respectively.

With less than a year until the 2024 Presidential election, and just two months before the Iowa caucuses, Democrats are showing signs of concern.

The largest concern for voters across the political spectrum is the President’s age. In an NBC News poll from September, nearly 75% of those surveyed expressed concern over the president’s fitness for a second term. If re-elected, Biden would be 82 years old when he is sworn in for a second term, and 86 when he leaves office.

Most voters want options other than Biden or Trump in 2024 election

Voters are also unenthused about the idea of a Biden-Trump re-match. Three years after one of the most contentious and unnerving elections in modern memory, few are hoping for round two.

That same September NBC polls shows 67% of Americans are concerned about Trump’s ongoing criminal and civil trials. The twice-impeached former president is facing 91 felony charges in multiple cases across the country.

A CNN poll conducted over the summer showed one-third of Americans or fewer wanted either Biden or Trump to be the person sworn in as President in January 2025.

However, with Biden polling 65 points ahead of his Democratic primary opponents, and Trump leading his GOP contenders by nearly 45 points, that dreaded 2020 election re-do is looking increasingly likely.

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