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New shocking details between Jonathon Majors and Grace Jabbari

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Opening statements in the trial of actor Jonathan Majors took place on Monday, December 4. Majors is facing misdemeanor charges of assault and harassment stemming from an alleged altercation with his then-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, in March 2023.

The prosecution presented a stark picture of Majors as an abuser, claiming he manipulated and controlled Jabbari, culminating in the physical assault that resulted in a fractured finger and injuries to her head. The incident allegedly occurred after Jabbari saw a romantic text message on Majors’ phone from another woman.

Jonathon Majors and Grace Jabbari trial paints both as villainous

Prosecutors argued that the assault was the latest in a pattern of abusive behavior, and that Jabbari is not the only victim. They cited a counter-claim filed by Majors accusing Jabbari of assaulting him in the same incident, which was ultimately dismissed by the Manhattan District Attorney.

Majors’ attorney painted a completely different picture, portraying Jabbari as the aggressor and Majors as the true victim. She claimed that Jabbari inflicted the injuries on Majors and subsequently went clubbing, while Majors sustained injuries that required medical attention. She further characterized Jabbari as a “liar” and aimed to discredit her testimony.

With two conflicting narratives presented, the jury will have to weigh the evidence and decide whether Majors is guilty of the charges against him.

Grace and Majors to testify in their trial soon

The trial is expected to last several days, with both Jabbari and Majors expected to take the stand soon.

This story is developing.

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