New York Mami Goes Viral For Confronting Teen Daughter’s Alleged Stalker Leading To His Arrest

One New York mom was celebrated online after a TikTok video of her confronting her teen daughter’s alleged stalker went viral. Her actions led to his arrest. 

A woman who goes by Dutchess Mami on TikTok faced off with Cesar Rojas, 33, in a video uploaded Sept. 27. The angered mom yelled at the alleged stalker, who had been lingering around John Jay High School in East Fishkill, New York. 

“THIS IS ME CONFRONTÌNG A #PRWDARO AT [OUR] LOCAL #HIGHSCHOOL.  IT lead to an arrest. This man asked several female students at our local high school to get in his vehicle. He stalked one student for 40 mins. While I was there. The student voiced concern, so I rose to the occasion, which led to his arrest,” the Dutchess County resident captioned in the TikTok post. 

“You’re a predator. You asked my daughter and her friend how old they were. We got you on film,” the bold mother yelled in the TikTok video.

Rojas made an inaudible comment, and the mother of the 16-year-old continued.

“Why? You know they are 16 and 17. You’re a liar. You don’t see their bookbags. You know!”

@dutchessmami THIS IS ME CONFRONTÌNG A #PRWDARO AT PUR LOCAL #HIGHSCHOOL IT lead to an arrest. This man asked several female students at our local high school to get in his vehicle. he stalked one student for 40 mins. while I was there. the student voiced concern so I rose to the occasion which led to his arrest!!! #predator #kids #trustnoone #parents #CHILDREN #son #daughter #isntoveryet #justice #dads #moms #protect #bealert #bevigilant #seesomethingsaysomething #humantrafficking #kidnapping #abduction ♬ original sound – Mami’s Place

A press release posted by the East Fishkill Police Department on Instagram detailed the events that occurred last month. Rojas had allegedly stalked more than one young teen, following one in his car. The Yonkers resident was detained on Sept. 12 

“On September 12th, 2023, the East Fishkill Police Department received a complaint of a suspicious male that approached a female student across from John Jay High School. The male was reported to have followed the female student in his vehicle and approached two other female students in an area off campus the same day. In response, this agency’s Detective Division commenced an investigation and worked tirelessly to identify the suspect. On September 17th, 2023, Mr. Rojas was placed in custody by the East Fishkill Police Patrol Division. Mr. Rojas was subsequently charged with Stalking 4th Degree and arraigned at the East Fishkill Justice Court. Mr. Rojas was released on his own recognizance with an appearance ticket and served with an order of protection mandating him to stay away from the victim and the victim’s school.”

The brave mama bear received praise from TikTokers for protecting her daughter. In the comments section, Dutchess Mami revealed that Rojas had been stalking the girls for two weeks. 

This is magical!!!! Good job, mama!!! Protect your babies always! ❤️”

Some of the responses came from places of trauma from women who hadn’t been guarded. They lauded the matriarch for stepping up.

One person thanked the Dutchess County mom for pulling for her child in a way that the TikTokers mother didn’t. 

“This is healing a deep trauma. My mom never stood up for me. Thank u 🙏🏼.”

“I’m so sorry, but I’m glad it brought healing. I wasn’t protected either, so now, I protect,” Dutchess Mami responded. 

“What I would’ve gave to has SOMEONE, ANYONE, do this for me. She invited them in instead of protecting me. Thank you so much for thissss,” another person wrote. 

According to Stalking Awareness, “Among high school students in the past 12 months, stalking victims accounted for 19% of female and 14% of male students. 20% of students of color and 16% of white students. 27% of lesbian, gay, and bisexual, and 15% of heterosexual students. 26% of students exposed to parental violence during their childhood versus 13% of those who had not.”

To make matters worse, 37% of those stalked were followed or stalked through devices. 


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