North Carolina A&T alumnus says culture is ‘slipping away’

North Carolina A&T Homecoming 2023 has come and gone, but discussions about the overall event and the game itself remain a topic of discussion.

Former NC A&T star and current XFL running back Jah-Maine Martin reflected on the self-proclaimed Greatest Homecoming On Earth AKA “GHOE” on X/Twitter on Tuesday morning. 

“GHOE environment was great the tailgates, the ppl, and the vibes. Felt like I was in college again I can’t lie,” Martin wrote.

But Martin was also thoughtfully candid about his feelings regarding what he feels is a lack of relationship between the current team and alumni that was apparent on Saturday. 

“But I must say I feel like the culture has slipped away from us in a sense when it comes to the football family. We had to watch the game on the visitor side of the bleachers. I know for me when the alum came on the sidelines during games it made me wanna show out especially GHOE.”

Jah-Maine Martin, North Carolina A&T

Martin helped A&T win back-to-back MEAC titles and Celebration Bowls in 2018 and 2019 under Sam Washington, who succeeded Rod Broadway the year prior to his arrival. Washington was let go following the 2022 season and ultimately replaced by Vincent Brown. 

One of the changes that was implemented prior to the season was the creation of the Aggie Ambassador program, which required alumni to apply to get credentials to access to get on the sidelines. The rule, according to administrators, was made to cut down on the number of people on the sideline area — including its world-class track.

As a member of the media who has covered A&T for over a decade, the need to cut down on some of the extra bodies on the sidelines makes sense. But clearly men like Martin and others who literally lived and breathed North Carolina A&T football feel it is needed for connection and bonding with the current players. It will be interesting to see if the policy stays as is or is slightly modified moving forward. 

North Carolina A&T alumnus says culture is ‘slipping away’

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