North Carolina A&T sign vandalized during homecoming

North Carolina A&T is celebrating homecoming this week, but an act of vandalism is making headlines for a less positive reason. 

One of the school’s entrances’ was spray painted over with the words “Free Congo” and “F**k 12.”

North Carolina A&T

North Carolina A&T released the following email to students and staff on Tuesday. 

This morning, several locations around campus were vandalized with graffiti spray-painted on numerous buildings and signs. The University Police Department (UPD) shared that some of the messages could be considered political in nature and a possible call to action.

We take this matter seriously, and UPD is actively working to identify those responsible and ensure appropriate measures are taken to address the issue and prevent future incidents.

UPD cameras detected someone wearing all black with their face covered and carrying a black bookbag who might be the culprit. Investigators are working to identify them.

The safety and preservation of the North Carolina A&T campus environment are of utmost importance, and we are committed to maintaining a welcoming and respectful atmosphere for all members of our community.

North Carolina A&T will take on Towson on Saturday in its homecoming game as it looks for its second win of the 2023 season. The football game is already sold out.

North Carolina A&T sign vandalized during homecoming

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