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One decade later, Bevel is still standing on Black business

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In a city unlike any other also exists a brand committed to the same Wakandan standard of individuality, innovation, and Black brilliance.

On October 28 -29 , times were at ONE MusicFest in Atlanta, Georgia, and Bevel was there to keep the culture festival fresh.

As J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar blessed the big stage both nights, Bevel too represented the same artistic vision, cultural sensitivities, and vibrational mindfulness of Compton’s cleanest, Fayettenam’s fatalist, and the fancifully fluted ATLien himself, Andre 3000.

Photo Courtesy: Gromyko Walker. The Black Wall Street Times.

Fresh off that good “last night was a movie” energy, The Black Wall Street Times spoke with Brand Marketing Director Girard Hardy and Breann Davis, Senior Brand Marketing Director about Bevel’s presence in Black Hollywood at ONE MusicFest.

“I was using Bevel before I even started working here,” Girard Hardy.

Photo Courtesy: Bevel

“I’ve worked for this brand for almost five years now. Everything is intentional, everything for us starts with who our consumer is. We make products specifically for the head-to-toe grooming needs of Black men.”

“We’re for anyone with curly, coily, textured hair, but we’re very intentional about the ingredients in our products, where those products are available, and how they show up,” emphasized Hardy.

Breann Davis. Photo Courtesy: Bevel.

Davis agreed, “Bevel has really been at this intersecting point with culture for quite a bit. It’s almost like the lines are blurred and we prefer that way. Our brand was born in culture. We’ve had a market impact on culture.”

Founded by Tristan Walker, Walker & Company launched with the introduction of its first brand, Bevel, in 2013. 

Photo Courtesy: Tristan Walker

Bevel provides grooming products for Black men, including a full Skin Care regimen, a Shave System, and the BevelTrimmer, and services designed to help reduce skin irritation and razor bumps.

Walker & Company Brands, recently acquired by Procter & Gamble, is a family of brands designing health and beauty solutions for people of color.

Photo Courtesy: Bevel

“We’re in the business of culture,” said Davis.

Committed to culture over consumerism, Davis elaborated, “We like to think of ourselves as a cultural brand, we’re just not in the business of selling consumer products.”

Photo Courtesy: Gromyko Walker. The Black Wall Street Times.

Much like a Boogie Bird at New Orleans Chicken N’ Watermelon, One MusicFest was a landscape of love where Ujamaa and Kuumba blend and hateful narratives are repurposed.

Hardy added, “We want to help you feel confident in your everyday life moments without worrying ‘is my skin right? Oh, did I shave right? Oh, now I got bumps because I was using this other thing and trying that.’”

He concluded, “We want to put all that to bed so you feel confident in your best self. It’s already in you, we’re just bringing it out.”

One MusicFest. October 29, 2023. Photo Courtesy: Gromyko Walker. The Black Wall Street Times.

As the vibes were passed and poured, faded festival-goers could get a Bevel fade and it was simply a beautiful time in Pluto’s backyard.

Photo Courtesy: Ezekiel Walker. The Black Wall Street Times.

With over 100,000 cousins honoring the gone but forever beloved legacy of the King of Memphis, Young Dolph, the autumn festival was giving family reunion before it got cold outside.

Key Glock. One MusicFest. October 29, 2023. Photo Courtesy: Gromyko Walker. The Black Wall Street Times.

At One MusicFest, whether Baton Rouge’s favorite son, Boosie Badazz or Glockoma himself, Bevel fit liiike a glove holding a Dum & Dummer VHS tape.

Under The Sun

After a decade of providing custom quality products designed with Black men in mind across the world, Bevel represents the storied genius and creativity of our hair itself.

That creativity is also celebrated at Charlotte’s DuRag Fest, where the souls of Black folks come together to keep clean in a community that prides itself on not looking like what we’ve been through.

YouTube video

According to TIME, such community creativity and economic ambition existed in Black Wall Streets throughout America, like Bronzeville in Chicago; Hayti in Durham, N.C.; Sweet Auburn in Atlanta; West Ninth Street in Little Rock, Ark.; and Farish Street in Jackson, Miss, and many more.

Though Black people were refused the right to read and relegating our ancestors to subservient positions, many finessed those finagled situations into the soul food that continues to hit no matter the season.

Understanding many parts of the country viewed us with disdain, Black people created and perfected inventions to keep each other looking and feeling our very best even when the very worst was often expected of us.

“Hair parted with a Barber’s preciseness, Bravehearted for life,” Nas

Black folks perfected ironing boards, helped injured WWII soldiers feed themselves, and after the hot and humid day had beat us up, a brother named Richard Spikes came along and invented the beer tap.

“There’s a level of care detail that goes into everything that we do,” Davis said.

Photo Courtesy: Bevel

While most U.S. companies have a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion spokesperson or department that operate with fluctuating sincerities, Hardy says they want to “make sure that you can feel who we are culturally and where we’re coming from.”

“We hope you leave with an experience that you felt like only Bevel could provide.”

Hardy candidly continued, “At some point, every brand has shown up at some place and just given out samples or a t-shirt or those kind of things.”

Davis added, “There are a number of other brands that aren’t in it for the right reasons and cut corners just to put things out there that aren’t at the level of quality we deserve. Our corners don’t deserve to be cut.”


“We call it the Bevel difference but quite simply we want our consumer to know and feel that difference in our product, our brand purpose, and how we show up,” said Davis.

“My signature fade with the Bevel blade. That’s a major key.” Nas

Nasir Jones. Photo Courtesy: Bevel.

No matter if you like it square or round in the back, you can keep up with their latest moves at and get That Family Discount with 20% off sitewide.

Find them at Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, and Ulta Beauty.

To learn more about Walker & Company Brands, visit

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