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Québec: How to Savor The Best of French-Canadian Cuisine

The province of Québec, Canada, is a paradise for food enthusiasts. Québec offers a tapestry of tastes that blend the influences of French, Indigenous, and North American cuisines. There are numerous ways to explore Québec’s culinary delights. From immersive harvesting hikes through the forest to restaurant weeks, food trails, and more, a trip up north has never been more enticing.

MTLàTABLE Restaurant Week

Taking place from November 3 to 19, the 11th edition of Montreal’s Restaurant Week, MTLàTABLE, will take over the city, showcasing the diverse culinary scene. It ranges from Italian cuisine and classic French-tasting menus to Japanese fusion. Whether opting to order take-out or reserve a table, Montreal’s chefs will create dishes bursting with flavor. The organizers will reveal a full list of participating restaurants soon.

Charlevoix Flavour Trail

Nestled between the St. Lawrence River and the mountains, chefs and producers have created the perfect blend of flavors. From Petite-Rivière-Saint-François to La Malbaie, food lovers are treated to an unforgettable gastronomic experience on the Flavour Trail. Here, travelers can indulge in traditionally crafted ciders and beers, expertly pickled mushrooms, award-winning cheeses and wines, and delectable organic meats, well-raised ducks, and farm-fresh produce that all contribute to the trail’s notoriety.

Those looking for an exciting and educational experience can stop by Laiterie Charlevoix, Économusée Du Fromage to learn about the cheese-making process. Check out Famille Migneron De Charlevoix for fine artisan cheeses made from both cow’s and sheep’s milk. They also have an organic Nordic vineyard and a distillery that uses whey and grapes to make liquor. Sip on libations from Hydromel Charlevoix, an artisanal and ecological company that produces wines and spirits using honey from their hives, as well as fruits and herbs from Charlevoix.

Aventure Outaouais

Aventure Outaouais invites travelers to meet local producers and discover hidden gems and natural wonders. They can pack as many remarkable activities as possible into one visit. From a tour of the Pontiac Wine and Cider Trail to excursions in Petite Nation or Gatineau Park, Aventure Outaouais serves as a gateway to the authentic Outaouais.

Val Notre-Dame Abbaye

Home to a community of 15 Cistercian monks from the Abbaye d’Oka, Val Notre-Dame Abbaye stands out with its diverse array of activities centered around exploring edible forest products. Guests can embark on hikes. They can find guides to identify edible plants found in the forests or fields. Attendees also learn how to properly pick and use them. Once the hike is finished, guests meet up to enjoy a tapas meal with forest flavors. The menu for each hike is different and adapts to the rhythm of the seasons. Other forest and culinary offerings include an introduction to edible wild mushrooms, picking wild greens, learning of the forest’s medicinal properties, and much more.

Québec City’s Sugar Shacks

Spring is a great time to visit a sugar shack and experience traditional Québécois cuisine. Families gather in large rustic log cabins and sit down at long tables with checkered tablecloths. They enjoy a hearty meal soaked in maple syrup. Outside, folks enjoy maple taffy on snow, a delicious treat made by boiling maple syrup and pouring it in lines on clean snow. As it cools, popsicle sticks are used to roll the maple taffy into chewy lollipops. After indulging in all things maple, many take a walk to burn off the calories. Others enjoy the weather and chat. Those seeking a learning experience can take tours of the shack to see how maple syrup is made.

Hops of Maritime Québec

Hops lovers will find many maritime-inspired options in the various microbreweries of Québec. One of the standout options is Crâââbe, a bitter beer produced by the St-Pancrace Microbrewery in Baie-Comeau. Crafted using crab shells, this seasonal beer is exclusively available during the spring. Another notable destination is the Le Naufrageur Microbrewery in Carleton-sur-Mer. There, guests can savor Gose-sur-Mer, infused with seawater, or delve into the rich flavors of William B, a stout featuring the essence of oysters. In Îles de la Madeleine, a visit to the À l’Abri de la Tempête Microbrewery allows travelers to indulge in a Cale Sèche, a delightful lager incorporating seawater, all while basking in the stunning view of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

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