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Queen Latifah Celebrates Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary In Walker Wear And A. Potts

Queen Latifah Celebrates Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary By Wearing Black Designers
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Queen Latifah, known for her lyrical prowess in the ’80s and ’90s and for being one of the pioneering female rappers, has always had a distinct sense of style. From her intricate hats to her perfect balance of tomboy aesthetics and African-inspired prints, at her core Latifah is a fashion icon in her own right. Yesterday evening on stage at the MTV Unplugged Presents: Hip Hop 50 Special, she wore pieces that speak to the elevation of her style over the course of her career.

The look Queen Latifah wore during her performance at Newark’s Symphony Hall was designed by the designer Aaron Potts. The eponymous brand A. Potts is known for its unisex designs. Many of the pieces the designer creates could be described as seasonless clothing. Potts also makes clothing for people of all sizes, ages, and genders. He focuses on lasting pieces rather than relying on trends to guide him. This is shown through Latifah’s look for her performance where on stage she wore an extraordinary black and white cape over a long-sleeved Walker Wear T-shirt. The tee by legendary designer April Walker was a fitting addition since this brand is synonymous with the rise of East Coast rap in the ’90s. Latifah’s cape flowed all the way down to the stage floor and included two black stripes across the stark white train. The look was topped off with a camouflage beret.

Queen Latifah Celebrates Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary By Wearing Black Designers
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Last night’s outfit was a departure from the Afrocentric pieces she once leaned on when she was establishing herself as a rapper. When appearing in her own music videos and on stage for live shows she wore elegant representations of her ideologies: eccentric prints and dashikis. As time went on she also became known as an actress and on Living Single, her character Khadijah had a similar aesthetic to the clothing she wore in real life. The costume designer for the iconic series Ceci mirrored what Latifah was wearing on red carpets and in public during the ’90s. That included power suits, casual button-downs, baseball hats, and baggy jeans or trousers. 

Latifah’s style has evolved throughout her career as she expanded into more feminine silhouettes and softer shoulder pads in her suits. As time progressed her red carpet looks began to expand into elegant gowns that touched the floor from spaghetti straps to strapless to accentuate her decolletage as her perfectly straightened hair cascaded down her shoulders. Her long-time stylists Timothy Snell and Jason Rembert can be thanked for her elevated looks on and off the red carpet. Snell has perfected the perfect formula of how to dress Latifah’s curves and has always encouraged body positivity throughout his career in styling.

Queen Latifah Celebrates Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary By Wearing Black Designers
Kevin Kane/Getty Images for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Earlier this month for Missy Elliot’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction Queen Latifah wore a gorgeous black long-sleeve flowy gown by Alexander McQueen. The dress, styled by Rembert, had a jarring moth image printed at the front. This is another testament to her growth in her personal style whether for an event, red carpet, or a close friend’s induction into the Hall of Fame. Her MTV Unplugged performance look as well as her look styled by Rembert were nothing short of fantastic. 

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