Reports That Rihanna Is Set To Tour In 2024 Are ‘Bogus’

While a global tour from one of the biggest artists in the industry is an opportunity a promoter like Live Nation would jump at, the source says the Fenty founder hasn’t yet committed to any touring projects for 2024. Plus, Live Nation has not placed any holds on venues for a potential tour.

As explained by the music publication, when a promoter begins booking a tour for an artist, one of the first things they do is to call different venues on the tour route and ask venue bookers to reserve various dates on their calendars. If Rihanna and Live Nation were to sign a deal, it would likely take several months to actually plan out a potential tour route.

Though the dreams of an upcoming tour and new music from Rihanna being crushed are upsetting, she has a lot of reasons not to worry about music any time soon. In addition to being a billionaire and not needing the money, she gave birth to her second child Riot Rose, in August. She and her boyfriend A$AP Rocky are also parents to 1-year-old RZA.

Source link : bossip.com

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