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Roy Wood, Jr. announces he is leaving ‘The Daily Show’

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After eight years as a standout star correspondent, comedian Roy Wood, Jr. announced today that he is leaving The Daily Show.

The decision comes as the show continues its search for a full-time host following Trevor Noah’s departure last year.

Wood told NPR Thursday morning that he will not return to the show when it resumes following the writers strike in a few weeks.

“There’s no sense in me doing what I’ve been doing for the last eight years while concurrently trying to think of a new thing to do,” he told the network.

Wood said the job of correspondent doesn’t allow him to “juggle multiple things.”

“After multiple years, I think I’ve earned the right to take a quick break.”

Roy Wood, Jr. says he will “consider” the job of host if offered.

However, Wood hints he’s looking ahead to the future of late night

The Daily Show has been relying on rotating guest hosts to fill the spot Noah left in December 2022.

Wood has filled in at the anchor’s desk for multiple episodes, receiving roaring acclaim for his time leading the show.

Still, Wood, who hosted the White House Correspondents Dinner this year, says he’d still consider hosting the show if offered.

“If you’re offered the chance to host The Daily Show, at any point in your life, you have to stop for a second and consider that,” Wood said.

“I think the next question becomes, what does The Daily Show look like in 2024? What does late night look like?” Wood went on to say. “That’s a huge question that I believe, personally, has to be answered.”

Comedy Central, the network that airs The Daily Show, thanked Wood in a statement to NPR. The network called Wood “a comedic genius” and said it “can’t wait to see what he does next.”

Currently, Roy Wood, Jr. is hosting a nationwide comedy tour that kicks off on October 22nd in Tuscon, AZ.

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