Saturday Night Live spoofs Deion Sanders and JSU departure

Deion Sanders earned a Saturday Night Live spoof and Jackson State was a part of the act.

Kenan Thompson portrayed Deion Sanders while he was being ‘interviewed’ on the “Weekend Update” by Colin Jost. 

The two talked about Colorado, as well as his stint at Jackson State.  Here’s how that dialogue went: 

“That’s right, you started your coaching career at Jackson State, which is an HBCU or a historically Black college, right?” Jost said.

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“Very good, Colin,” the Kenan Thompson SNL version of Coach Prime said. “Very good. You know, I truly believe that God called me there, and he said, ‘This is your destiny.’”

“Right, and then three years later you went to Chicago, I mean Colorado,” Jost said.

“Yeah, that’s right,” the SNL Prime said. “Because God called me again and was like, `My bad.’ And then he showed me the promised land of Colorado. I had these visions, Colin, a place where there was white people, like every single person was white … Not many people know this, but Colorado is an HWCU, or  historically white college, kind of like where you went Colin.”

“Well, I mean, Harvard is pretty diverse, you know,” Jost said.

“Colin,” Thompson as Deion Sanders said to big laughs from the Saturday Night Live audience. 

Saturday Night Live spoofs Deion Sanders and JSU departure

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