Serena Williams Gets Candid About Having Bad Days

Williams took to Twitter to share that she still has bad days too.

Serena Williams took to X to offer an update and reflection on her mental health journey on Nov. 28. The former tennis star gave a moving message to her fans and levels about the difficulties and triumphs of motherhood. 

In the social media post written this week, she told her fans that she was having a hard day, but kept a hopeful perspective on the emotional challenges that she was facing. 

Williams wrote on X, “I am not ok today. And that’s ok to not be ok. No one is ok every single day. If you are not ok today I’m with you. There’s always tomorrow. Love you.”

Williams received an outpouring of support and praise for sharing her vulnerability, and many fans admitted how much they related to her, E! Online reported. 

One user wrote, “Thank you for being open about your feelings. Your honesty is appreciated. Remember to practice self-compassion and reach out to loved ones when you need support. Together, we can get through the challenging moments. Sending you virtual hugs and encouragement.”

Another added, “Millions need and needed to hear this. God bless you and yours.”

“I hope you feel better lady. You’re absolutely right. It’s ok not to be okay sometimes, and to acknowledge it. But, here’s the thing. Put on some feel good music and do the running man throughout the house. It just might lift your spirit,” said another.

Although the 42-year-old Michigan native admitted to having a difficult day, she managed to see the upside just a few hours later.

In a second post to X, she followed up with a selfie of her and her youngest daughter, Adira River. The picture showed Williams holding the sleeping baby — whom she and her husband, Alexis Ohanian, welcomed to the family in August — swaddled on her chest in a polka dot blanket. Williams wrote beneath the photo, “This makes me so happy.”

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