Shakeria Rucker Found Dead In Estranged Husband’s Storage Unit

According to investigators, the last person whom Rucker was seen with was Hill on Nov 11, the day she went missing.

The body of a 37-year-old Florida woman was discovered in a storage unit owned by her estranged husband Cory Hill. According to WESH 2, Shakeria Rucker, a mother of four, was discovered after someone reported an odor was coming from one of the storage units at an Apopka, Florida Self-Storage. Sheriff John Mina gave a statement on Nov. 19 indicating his disappointment that Rucker was not found while she was alive.

“My heart breaks, I can’t imagine the pain and suffering [her family] have been enduring this past week,” Sheriff Mina said.

“We were all hoping for a different outcome.”

Mina said that she appeared to have died from a gunshot wound, but the autopsy still needed to be done. According to officials, Hill is the primary suspect in their investigation, he is currently not cooperating with the investigation and Mina has indicated that Hill will be charged with murder. Hill is currently in custody at the Orange County Jail for shooting at his ex-girlfriend and her family. 

Mina detailed his frustration with Hill‘s uncooperative nature, saying, “He could have stopped a lot of the pain and suffering of her family by talking to investigators in the very beginning…he had to have known we would eventually find her in there, it’s very disappointing.”

Rucker had been missing for a week when her body was found, according to the Winter Springs Police Chief Matthew Tracht, the search effort was intensive, featuring 16-18 hour days of frantic searching. However, Rucker’s family questions Tracht’s recollection of the intensity of the search. Rucker’s brother, Clarence Thornton, told WESH on Nov 17, “Now it’s been six days, and they’re trying to push, push, push. They should’ve been pushing since day one.”

Rucker’s family said that it was unusual that they had not heard from her, saying the last time they heard from her was when she informed them she was heading home to pick up some food. According to investigators, the last person whom Rucker was seen with was Hill on Nov 11, the day she went missing. The last place she was seen with Hill was a Davenport area restaurant. 

Hill’s ex-girlfriend, Angel Milligan, described what happened when he shot at her, telling WESH, “”I heard gunfire. I felt two of them pass by my face, went running in fear for my life,” Milligan said. According to Milligan, he also threatened her before he shot at her. “’Don’t run now; I’m going to kill you,’” Milligan said.

According to court records, Hill had previously been convicted and served time for murder. In 1992, while he lived in Virginia, Hill sought revenge on a man who kidnapped his 23-month old daughter when he stole Hill’s car. According to Virginia’s records, Hill shot Dontowine Everett after a brief argument and he was later convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 20 years. Hill served most of his allotted time, as he was released in 2005. 

The family is disappointed and angry that Hill has said nothing about the disappearance and murder of Rucker, as Thornton told WESH, “It’s very disappointing because you know my sister’s whereabouts, but you’re not talking, you’re not telling us anything.”

Rucker’s mother, Elaine Rucker echoed the sentiments of Thornton, saying, “I’m just upset and disappointed, you know, because if she is alive, just tell us so we can get her in time.” 

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