Sharae’s Brother Has Questions On ‘Love After Lockup’

We’re just.a day away from a new episode of our favorite guilty pleasure reality show Love After Lockup!

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We’ve got an exclusive clip from Friday’s new episode where Sharae’s brother, Debow, voices his concern that he’s feels like an outsider to her and Anthony’s relationship.

Check out the clip below:


First of all — Sharae’s brother is named DEEBOW?! We kinda wanna know what he did to earn that nickname but we’re also slightly afraid to find out. Big props to Anthony for looking completely unfazed by the full court press bruh put on him. Side note though, what the heck was Sharae doing making a FAKE marriage license? Was all that even necessary? We don’t think so.

Here’s what else to expect from Friday’s all-new episode of Love After Lockup:

Joy finally meets Redd after 7 years but he’s holding a secret; Brittany demands her money. Melissa confronts a costly decision; Anthony wants a ring to rectify a lie. Shocking news derails Chelsea and Mikey. Raneka discovers the truth about Asonta.

It sounds like a whole lot of things will be revealed in Friday’s episode! We can’t wait to see this one.

The new episode of Love After Lockup airs Friday, October 27 at 9pm EST on WeTV.

Will you be watching?

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