Shilo Sanders represents Jackson State, puts move in perspective

Shilo Sanders recently joined NBA and basketball legends Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett on “KG Certified.”

The current Colorado safety talked about his time at Jackson State.

Being at an HBCU is so much fun. Here you have that space to really just lock in and focus a little more. It’s Boulder, there’s not really much. 

Kevin Garnett asked Shilo keeping the “J-6” drum major celebration.

“I graduated from Jackson State, so I gotta show love,” Sanders told the Hall of Famers.

“Ever since I got to Jackson State I always thought the drum majors were so cool with the dances and stuff. So they actually locked in with me and we went — in the weight room they had mirrors in there. They taught me like three routines. So I got like three different ones. So I’m going to stick with them on the Celebration.”

Shilo Sanders,

Pierce asked Shilo Sanders about the transition from JSU to Colorado, and if it was now a bigger distraction with all the celebrities on the sidelines. 

“Honestly, like how we play — me and Shedeur and some of the players that came from Jackson — it’s really the same,” Sanders said. “But now we’re getting more eyes. People just coming to the game covering — it was kinda like that at Jackson State. But now it’s like, it’s more. It’s a different crowd that’s into it. We were at an HBCU, so we got a lot of HBCU crowd paying attention to us — a lot of black folks, pretty much. But now everybody’s paying attention. So it’s not really much different, it’s like more of the same thing.”

Pierce pointed out Snoop Dogg had been on the sidelines at CU. Shilo was quick to point out 

“Snoop Dogg been rockin’ with us,” Shilo said. “That’s Uncle Snoop.”

Shilo Sanders represents Jackson State, puts move in perspective

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