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Southern Roasted Turkey Breast Recipe

Roasting a turkey is easier than you may think, especially when you size down from a whole turkey to a Southern roasted turkey breast recipe!

A juicy, tender, and flavorful turkey breast is a timeless holiday tradition. With a short list of ingredients, you can easily prepare this Southern roasted turkey breast recipe without flipping or basting the whole bird. 

Southern Roasted Turkey Breast Recipe

This turkey breast recipe combines sweet brown sugar, tangy apple cider brine, and aromatic spices for a juicy, delicious bird with crisp skin.

You can use store-bought apple cider for the brine or make it homemade.

Perfect for a holiday dinner or easy enough for a weeknight meal. This herb-roasted turkey breast recipe is coated in a savory spice rub and slathered with apple cider brine before it’s cooked to golden brown perfection! 

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