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Southern Soul Food Turkey Wings

Whoa, baby – these Southern soul food turkey wings will make your taste buds gobble-gobble with joy!

A healthy alternative to fried chicken without breaking the calorie bank, these succulent turkey wings are smothered in an apple cider brine, flavor-infused, air-fried to crisp perfection, and served with a seasoned soul food side!

Southern Soul Food Turkey Wings

These smoked turkey wings are the perfect slow-simmered savory dish for simple Sunday dinner comfort. Basted with a mouthwatering blend of roast chicken seasoning and garlic and herb spices.

It’s hard to believe these savory and yummy wings are air-fried instead of deep-fried. They’re so good! 

You’ll love how tender the dense meat of these soul food turkey wings becomes! Thanks to modern cooking appliances for boiling and frying, there is no need to splatter grease or stand over a hot stove all day.

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