Stephen Clay Perkins Shooting Questioned By Former Officer

Stephen Clay Perkins

Source: Family / GoFundMe

Police shootings always need to be investigated thoroughly because the public simply cannot trust them to tell the truth under any circumstance.

According to a report on WAFF, former Decatur, Alabama, police officer Marquinn Bergins has publicly questioned the integrity of his former boys in blue in the fatal shooting of his cousin Stephen Clay Perkins. On the morning of Oct. 29, police said they received a call stating that Perkins was threatening a tow truck driver with a firearm. Let them tell it, when they arrived on the scene, Perkins turned towards them with the firearm in question and was subsequently shot.

Bergins believes that the officers involved broke the department’s protocol and Perkins should never have been gunned down based on security camera evidence. That footage was released by the family and was captured by a neighbor’s video camera across the street.

“An officer yells a few commands while simultaneously shooting,” Bergins said. “That’s not how officers handle that. You never gave him an option.”

Be warned, this video can be disturbing. It is not graphic but it is violent. Please take stock of your mental health before viewing.

The city’s mayor Tab Bowling has met with the family and released the following statement about the investigation:

“I and the City of Decatur are deeply committed to the release of information as soon as it is released by the appropriate agencies and in accordance with applicable laws,” Mayor Bowling said. “All that I’ve read and heard about Steve is he’s a special man who I would have liked to have met.”

Perkins’ family says that not only was his vehicle not in danger of being repossessed, but they also have receipts to confirm his payments. Nothing that happened that night should have been happening, and now a beloved man is dead.

In another video from the scene, you can clearly see that not only did Perkins have his hands up, but he also was carrying a flashlight, not a firearm…

Somebody has some serious ‘splaining to do or things are gonna get hot and bothered down in the heart of dixie. If you want to help the family, you can donate to the GoFundMe campaign HERE.

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