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Telfar Clemens Gifts Free Bags To The Entire Audience At The Tamron Hall Show

Telfar Clemens Announces New Gifted Bag Program At The Tamron Hall Show
Tamron Hall Show

Designer Telfar Clemens dropped by the Tamron Hall Show recently to gift every single person there with his beloved Shopping Bag. Before gifting the pieces to the audience, the ESSENCE Best In Black Fashion Award winner spoke a bit about what led to the launch of the accessory that went on to become heavily associated with his brand. 

“This is my accessible point for the brand, this is where you enter the brand,” Clemens said. “[It’s] kind of the most reasonably priced item. I wanted it to go everywhere.” He goes on to share that he based the price of the bag based on what he was making as a DJ years back. “I would make like $100, $150.”

“You [wanted] everybody to be a part of this world, this community,” Hall said. “This is not a bag, this is a movement,” she added. Hall also mentioned that the bag is much more meaningful than just being a fashion moment, it’s an intentional piece. 

One segment on the show included producers and those who make the Tamron Hall Show come to life showcasing their own collection of Telfar bags. That was a heartwarming moment in which they also shared that they wear the piece at brunch, to dinner, to the airport, to work, and beyond. 

At the show, Clemens exclusively announced that on Friday, November 17 as a part of a new program, shoppers will be able to purchase a Telfar bag and gift one to someone they love. He added that for this to happen, you must head to to submit a video of proof of who the bag will be gifted to today, November 13.

On November 17, all bags from Telfar will be available to shop, and they will arrive in time for the Christmas holiday. Orders will ship between November 24 and December 15. For more details, go to Telfar’s official website.

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