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The Best Arrondissements To Stay in for a Perfect Paris Vacation

The arrondissements of Paris are administrative and cultural districts that offer different features and attractions to tourists. There are twenty arrondissements (or districts) in total. Geographically, they begin in the center of Paris and are numbered by location in a clockwise pattern. They help both native Parisians and visiting tourists to differentiate between the varying attractions and cultural offerings of Paris. 

Although there are Parisian spots that every traveler should see at least once in their lives, like the Eiffel Tower, there are also lesser-known areas that deserve just as much acclaim. Truthfully, there is no wrong answer when it comes to an absolute best arrondissement since those standards are dependent upon the traveler and their preferences. But, depending on the type of trip that is being planned, there is an arrondissement for every type of traveler. Check out the best arrondissements to stay in for travelers who like the ease of touristy areas and those who prefer the mystique of areas populated by locals. 

Top Touristy Districts 

Check out the popular tourist districts in Paris that offer the most to visitors. Learn what the best arrondissements to stay in are.
Pictured: Le Marais with locals walking throughout the streets during the day

The tourist-centered areas of Paris may be best for first-time visitors of Paris. They generally have easier access to public transportation or at least are near everything in the city. The tourist areas may not be the most economical options, but they may be the most convenient.

Check out the top two arrondissements of Paris for first-time or convenience travelers. 

1st Arrondissement 

Some of the most popular tourist attractions are in the first arrondissement in Paris. One of the most popular attractions found here is the Louvre Museum, which is the home to the Mona Lisa. This district is considered the heart of Paris since it is centrally located. It is full of visitors in the summer, so it may be best to visit this district around autumn when there is a little less volume. This arrondissement is one of the oldest quarters in Paris and is known for its streets lined with shopping and fine restaurants. It is one of the most expensive arrondissements, so travelers who do not mind spending a little extra on accommodations commonly stay here.

Hotel Molière is a four star boutique hotel in central Paris. Nestled in one of the most prestigious districts, this hotel is just a few steps from the Louvre Museum and all the other chic attractions nearby. The hotel has a wellness area with a sauna, steam room, fitness center, and massage room. With six different accommodation options, including terrace rooms and lounge rooms, this hotel has plenty of space for those who want a taste of luxury. Some of the hotel’s best features are the continental breakfast that is provided daily (with the option to have it served in-room), luggage room, and convenient transportation services. 

4th Arrondissement 

The fourth district (that has Hôtel De Ville, Paris’ town hall) has some of the most famous historic sites for tourists to visit. The Notre Dame Cathedral with its gothic architecture is here, as well as Le Marais, an area (not a neighborhood or district) that many tourists enjoy exploring on foot. Walking tours are even available so that tourists can learn about the rich history of the old marshland. The ancient buildings mesh with the modern additions to the district perfectly, so this area represents the past and present of France’s culture well. Travelers should make sure to plan their trip to this district early since it is a popular tourist destination and hotels get booked up quickly. 

Hotel de Josephine de Bonaparte is one of the top hotels in the fourth arrondissement. The four-star accommodation is named after the first wife of Napoleon I and provides a luxurious and historical stay for its guests. The hotel provides a buffet and breakfast in guest’s rooms each morning. The champagne bar is one of its elegant features that guests can enjoy every evening on the sprawling patio. With housekeeping, concierge, tea room, and childcare services, this hotel makes a stay in the fourth arrondissement almost too alluring. 

Stay Where the Locals Amore 

The areas in the Parisian countryside are worth the visit. Check out what makes these arrondissements the best to stay in. 
Pictured: a suburban street in Paris with greenery on the buildings

These districts are known for their underrated yet charming ambiance. Unlike the central areas of Paris, these arrondissements offer safer and more affordable accommodations. These arrondissements are mostly residential and do not have much tourist traffic. They are not too far from the main attractions to where they are considered remote, yet they have ample space. Learn more about the less touristy areas and the best accommodation in them. 

12th Arrondissement 

This lesser-known district is great for travelers looking for a more residential atmosphere rather than a highly populated environment. This district is one of the biggest and has the most green spaces for travelers to enjoy. The Boise de Vincennes is a 2,500-acre parkland in Paris. The parkland is the largest public park in Paris (about three times the size of NYC’s Central Park, for reference) and is a popular location for leisure activities. Although this district is not as busy as the central districts, there are still opportunities for shopping, museum visits, and relaxation. 

Le Petit Cosy is a tranquil hotel and restaurant. With modern furnishings and comforts, the renovated hotel offers elegant accommodation and peace of mind. The hotel is on a street with shops close to Vincennes Park. With rooms curated to be ideal for solo, couple, and group travelers, the hotel provides just what the name suggests, a cozy stay in a charming district. 

14th Arrondissement

This district offers the least touristy areas of Paris. It is considered one of the safest districts in Paris. So, for travelers who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city for their trip and truly relax, this district will be perfect. Many Parisians call it home and it is clear why it is a top pick. Travelers can explore Paris’ history, art culture, and hidden treasures in the 14th arrondissement. The Paris Catacombs, Paris Observatory, Parc Montsouris, and many other attractions are located in this district. 

Due to the more affordable cost of living in the 14th arrondissement, there are plenty of accommodation options for travelers who prefer to stay in a place with a bit of warm charm. Of those options, Hotel Cabane is a unique option since it is a boutique inspired by cozy cabin guest houses. Travelers will be able to indulge in a tranquil getaway where they can be pampered. Gourmet breakfast buffets, tree-lined terraces, timeless decor, and a garden are all offered at this hotel. The hotel even provides services like bottle warmers, changing mats, coloring books, and games for families. If accommodations off the beaten path are preferable for travelers of Paris, look no further than these cozy cabins. 

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