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The Cheapest Cities To Fly To This Fall

Fall has arrived, and if you missed out on summer adventures, fret not. Travel Noire is here again to offer budget-friendly flight options from Atlanta to exciting fall destinations. Here’s a list of the cheapest cities to fly to this Fall. Share this with your group chat and let the planning begin.

Atlanta to San Salvador – $149

San Salvador, the vibrant heart of El Salvador, is a hidden jewel waiting to be explored. Despite its small size, this Central American gem boasts an abundance of natural wonders and cultural treasures. El Salvador offers a unique and less crowded experience compared to its more touristy neighbors. With its pristine beaches, numerous volcanoes, ancient Mayan ruins, and a captivating blend of culture and history, San Salvador is a destination that promises an unforgettable adventure. What’s even more enticing is that a round-trip flight to this destination can be secured for just $150. This accessible and budget-friendly choice is for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the beauty and culture of El Salvador.

Atlanta to Guatemala City – $215

Amidst the rugged beauty of Guatemala, Guatemala City stands as the bustling heart of Central America. It serves as a gateway to the country’s rich cultural heritage and boasts an array of exceptional museums. Among these cultural gems, the Museo Nacional de Arqueología y Etnología takes center stage. This museum offers a treasure trove of Mayan artifacts unparalleled anywhere else in the world. For travelers eager to immerse themselves in the history and culture of Guatemala, the opportunity to embark on a round-trip adventure for just $215 should not be missed. With so much to discover in this dynamic metropolis, it’s the perfect time to experience Guatemala City.

Atlanta to Montego Bay – $207

Montego Bay, Jamaica, is the epitome of Caribbean paradise, celebrated for its breathtaking beaches and crystal-clear waters. However, beyond its picture-perfect coastlines, Montego Bay offers a world of adventure, culinary delights, and cultural exploration. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie seeking thrilling water sports or a cultural explorer looking to immerse yourself in the Jamaican way of life, Montego Bay has something for everyone. The best part is that, aside from being one of the cheapest cities to fly to, you can embark on a round-trip journey for just $207, making it the ideal time to uncover the treasures that await in Montego Bay.

Atlanta to San Juan – $109

San Juan, a city steeped in history and exuberant energy, holds a unique charm that beckons visitors from everywhere. The allure of this destination lies not only in its romantic ambiance but also in its accessibility to the US. Situated just a short flight from the mainland, San Juan offers a blend of old-world charm and contemporary vibrancy. Its crown jewel, Old San Juan, is known for its 16th-century fortifications and the formidable El Morro fortress. Yet, it’s the winding cobblestone streets and hidden gems – from boutique shops to eateries – that truly encapsulate the city’s allure. What’s more, you can embark on a round-trip adventure to San Juan for just $109. Discover the enchanting history and modern marvels of this Caribbean gem.

Atlanta to Aruba – $204

Aruba, often referred to as the One Happy Island, is an oasis that promises an experience for every type of traveler. For nature enthusiasts, the island’s abundant wildlife provides a connection with the natural world. Aruba is a versatile destination, catering to a wide spectrum of interests. Families can delight in kid-friendly attractions while honeymooning couples can savor the romantic nightlife. This round-trip ticket from Atlanta awaits at just $204.

Atlanta to Mexico City – $265

This affordable getaway is one of the cheapest cities to fly to this fall in Mexico. Mexico City, a sprawling metropolis of boundless treasures, beckons travelers with a diverse tapestry of culture and history. With over 50 museums, including the world-renowned Frida Kahlo Museum and the historic Chapultepec Castle, nestled within an expansive city park, there’s a wealth of art and heritage to explore. The city’s richness extends to its neighborhoods, from the upscale elegance of La Condesa and La Roma to the bohemian charm of Coyoacan, each offering a distinct flavor of Mexico’s culture. Mexico City is a gastronomic paradise, with an array of mouthwatering dishes and street food that will leave your taste buds dancing. This season, you can experience all these wonders for just $265 round-trip.

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