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The Fine Art of Design is a new plan with a new process. In my last blog about my journey into the Wonderful World of Fine Arts, I had planned to do a new art series for each season. Well that has changed and I’m now going to make a new original art design every Thursday until 2025. 

Each new picture will be inspired by whatever is currently fresh in the creative process of production. This spontaneous method of art design is a more organic form of figurative and non-figurative contemporary abstract expression fine art. This new series will also include a variety of different mediums such as watercolor on paper, inkblot images, collage assemblage, poetry and jewelry.

The first part of my art journey from 2013/2014 – 2023/2024 was groundbreaking for me as a new emerging visual artist entering into the “mysterious” fine art world of the unknown.  Honestly, I still don’t have a full understanding of the art world although I’m an active member with a multitude of ideas to accomplish within its renaissance. 

Now, I’m more confident and secure with who I am as a Black African American visual artist from the Pacific Northwest. I’m looking forward to exploring new territory in the art world and expanding my vision beyond the canvas. Every weekend I’ll present a new fine art design on my social media platforms and website for purchase and discussion about my adventurous journey into the Wonderful World of Fine Arts!!!! 🎨🖌️🌍🖤🌎🖌️🎨

°Let us continue to Live in Faith with Thankfulness, Praising the Lord God Almighty Everyday!!!!

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