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The Wellness Routines 5 ESSENCE Editors Will Be Practicing This Holiday Season

The Wellness Routines 5 ESSENCE Editors Will Be Practicing This Holiday Season
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The holiday season is the busiest time of year. Not even turning our clocks back can save the hours spent hosting, shopping, working and cooking all day. The nights can at times feel long, especially with SAD season. It may be hard to catch a break from taking care of others– but prioritizing your wellness is important, too, and gives you the grace you deserve.

From putting your thoughts to rest in a journal, to exercising or reconnecting with your higher self, a wellness routine can help you feel replenished this month. With the year ending in just a few weeks, finding moments to rest and celebrate yourself, whether reading a book or enjoying time with family, will have you starting on the right foot in 2024 and beyond.  

In hopes of inspiring your downtime in between gift shopping and family gatherings, ESSENCE Editors share the wellness routines they’re making time for this holiday season. 

Malaika Jabali, Senior News & Politics Editor

“The holiday season tends to involve a lot of demands on your time. I’m being intentional about carving out ‘me’ time before the day gets busy. I made a digital vision board a few years ago that I look at regularly. I’m building up the practice to meditate and review my vision board every morning to stay focused before life’s distractions get in the way.”

Okla Jones, Entertainment Editor

“I’ve been making sure to stay consistent with exercising, as well as practicing healthy sleep habits. Also, having a good book in rotation is a great way to disconnect and find moments of peace throughout the day.”

Victoria Uwumarogie, Senior Lifestyle Editor

“My wellness routine includes carving out time to go running at least a few times a week. It helps me to clear my mind and take care of my system. I also would like to spend more time in my Bible– staying connected to something greater than myself so that I can remain encouraged amid the frenzy of the season and the stresses of life. Lastly, I love to go to the park with my kids and run around with them. They are the most important thing and their happiness makes me happy, and keeps me going!”

Marie David, Assistant Video Editor

“Gospel music, lots of movement – like walking and strength training – and rest. The holiday season feels heavy for me, so I’ve been giving myself a lot of grace.”

Akili King, Senior Beauty Editor

“This year has been full of big changes and transitions for me. I’m excited to get grounded during the holiday season and pour into myself. Looking forward to doing so via journaling, meditating, yoga, and spending quality time with family and friends.”

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