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This Island Is Offering Tourists A Free Tattoo For Visiting

In a groundbreaking move, the Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A.) has introduced the “Tattoovenir,” offering tourists the chance to receive a free Aruba-themed tattoo as a lasting memento of their stay on the One Happy Island.

With the introduction of this novel concept, Aruba is leaving an indelible mark on the souvenir industry. This initiative allows visitors to carry a piece of the island’s joy and vibrancy with them for a lifetime. According to ATA, the Tattoovenir isn’t just a keepsake. It’s a lasting connection to the One Happy Island.

For ATA, the Tattoovenir was designed to capture the essence of the island’s happiness. Visitors can take a piece of the country with them wherever they go, says Ronella Croes, CEO of the ATA. “When our visitors leave, they take some of the island’s abundant happiness with them. What better way to celebrate this lasting feeling than to give away permanent souvenirs from our talented local tattoo artists? Because Aruba stays with you long after you leave.”

How to Get a Free Aruba-themed Tattoo

Eligible visitors can register to receive a free Aruba-themed tattoo during their stay on the island. To obtain a Tattoovenir voucher while supplies last, tourists should visit After verifying their eligibility, participants can redeem their Tattoovenir at the participating shop of their choice between January 1, 2024, and June 30, 2024.

There will be five participating tattoo shops, each offering a unique experience for visitors. They can choose from a range of artistic styles and designs that resonate with their experience on the island.

As part of the “Aruba Effect,” which showcases all the island has to offer, tourists can explore the myriad attractions and experiences awaiting them on the One Happy Island. For more information, visit and stay connected with the latest updates on social media by following @ArubaTourism. To share the enduring bond with Aruba, visitors can display their Aruba-inspired ink on social media platforms using the hashtag #Tattoovenir.

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