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Top Destinations for Thrill-Seeking Black Backpackers

Backpacking has been around for ages. A classic form of slow travel, backpacking brings exploring to a more gradual pace. Instead of flying or driving swiftly through destinations, backpacking places travelers on the ground and connects them to their surroundings. 

Backpacking isn’t for everyone. However, more Black backpackers are exploring destinations on foot looking for adventure around the world. For the true globetrotters at heart, here at some of the top destinations for thrill-seeking Black backpackers. 


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Cambodia is one of the cheapest destinations to travel to in Asia. It’s been a top favorite for backpackers for years. With its lush, radiant scenery, diverse terrains, and rich culture, Cambodia has plenty for Black backpackers to see and do. 

Phnom Kulen is perfect for backpackers seeking jungle backdrops, waters, and holy temples. The mountain is located in northwest Cambodia and is a mountaineer’s dream. For a dose of solitude, backpack through the isolated island of Koh Ta Kiev. Chi Pat village in the Cardamom Mountains is also an excellent backpacking destination for those wanting to experience some rainforest thrills.


Black backpackers can explore Nepal with a beautiful Himalayan backdrop that’ll be remembered forever. Nepal has over 130 monuments and UNESCO World Heritage sites to journey through. Nature-loving backpackers can wander through the majestic Garden of Dreams and delve into the magic of its six seasons. Real thrill seekers can take a stab at conquering Mount Everest. However, the climb is steep so beginners can backpack the South Base Camp of the iconic mountain.


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Laos remains a top destination for backpacking adventures. There’s a lot to see and do on foot in Laos and the landscape changes depending on the region. Those seeking mountain climbing, jungle treks, and kayaking should backpack through northern Laos. It’s a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. The farmlands in the country’s southern region are overflowing with waterfalls, swimming holes to dive into, and coffee plantations. True adventurers can spend a night at the Nam Nern Night Safari. For Black backpackers looking for more adventures on the water, check out Vang Vieng for watersports and incredible parties. 


If you’re planning on backpacking through Peru, the capital of Lima is a great place to get started. From there, backpackers can branch off to a variety of regions throughout the country to learn about the culture and history of this ancient destination. This is a wonderful place for history-lovers who can explore the many ancient ruins of South American natives like the Incas.  Travelers can hike the Inca Trail, explore Machu Picchu, and learn more about the indigenous people who once ruled the Peruvian highlands. Backpacking through the dunes of Huacachina is a treat for more experienced backpackers and you can also do a multi-day hike through Colca Canyon. 


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The Sonoran Desert Preserve in Phoenix is an American wonder. Various elements of nature collide in this mystical desert and it provides a very remote wilderness experience. Backpackers can wander along Salt River Canyon, hike the Chocolate Falls, or head to the Arizona Trail for panoramic views of the city. 


Alaska is a vast terrain full of wildlife, diverse climates, and unexplored territory. If you don’t have much experience, consider booking a guided backpacking trip through Alaska. There are plenty of parks, icy glaciers, and mountainous terrains to explore. Be sure to visit Denali National Park and Turquoise Glacier High in Lake Clark National Park.

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