Tristan Thompson Calls Khloé Kardashian His ‘Person’

Despite their tumultuous past, Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are working on how to navigate their lives as a family.

Remy Martin celebrates Tristan Thompson's Birthday at Beauty & Essex

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On the latest episode of The Kardashians, the NBA player thought back on the paternity scandal that rocked his relationship with the reality star. The Cleveland Cavaliers player welcomed son Theo, 22 months, with trainer Maralee Nichols in 2021, which came as he was preparing to welcome his second baby with Khloé via surrogate.

Fast forward to 2023, and Thompson has found himself questioning why he would do things to “hurt” one of the people closest to him.

“I think going down this journey that I’ve been on right now, especially what happened to my mom, I always ask myself, ‘Why do certain things to hurt certain people?’” Tristan said to the Good American founder during the Oct. 5 episode of The Kardashians, according to E! News. “I think the thing that always sticks to my mind, it’s like, I know how much I care about you, I know how much I love you. You’re my best friend. I meet my person—how come I’ve done so much wrong things to them? Why put you through that?”

On Khloé’s end, she also questions why the baller would treat her like that, insisting she’s heard Thompson call her his “person” many times before. She also references the fact that the paternity scandal isn’t the only time he was unfaithful during their on-again, off-again relationship.

“I’m not saying I don’t believe him but I’ve heard this and, of course, it’s angered me before,” Kardashian said in a confessional. “Because I’m like, ‘Well, if I f***ing am, then why would you have treated me this way? And how many times. This isn’t like a one-time thing and here we are. I love love and I am a hopeless romantic but that’s not going to change how I feel and what happened.”

Still, family is always the most important thing to Khloé, so she will continue to support Tristan as a member of her crew, whether they’re together or not.

“No matter what, we’re not a family of, ‘eye for an eye,’ especially in times of need,” she tells the Cavalier. “That’s when you rally together and I want to be good for the lifetimes after this. I want my karma just to always be great. And I’m not justifying anything you’ve done. I mean, obviously everything you did, it was f***ed up and I’m strong enough that it’s not going to break me.”

Kardashian goes on to explain that if Thompson does think that they’re meant to be, then their split should be incredibly impactful on his life as a whole.

“If what you say is true if you really thought I was your person or whatever you just said, then that means you’ll feel that much more affected by losing me and want to change, for yourself—not because there’s a prize at the end of it,” she insisted, according  to E! News. “We’re going to be in each other’s lives for the rest of each other’s lives because of our kids, so I’m not going to fight that and I’m going to make sure it’s as nice as possible, for me.”

Khloé’s sister, Kim Kardashian, was seemingly a lot easier to win over, singing Tristan’s praises for being “such a good friend” despite knowing that viewers would hate her for it.

“It’s so crazy because he’s such a good friend, and he’s such a good dad, but he just couldn’t get it together in that area of, like, being a faithful boyfriend,” Kim said with a laugh.

The Skims founder went on to say that Thompson helped her out in her times of need as a mother, making up for the bad side he showed off in his past.

“When he saw me struggling with my kids, he stepped up, he started showing up to the games, he picks Saint up, takes him to dinner, and will always come to my defense, especially when it’s stuff with me and my ex, and I just never forgot that,” Kim explained.

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