Twin Chefs From Maryland Launch Crab Delivery Business After Losing Their Jobs

Rae and La Middleton, twin sisters from Maryland, have launched R and L Crab Company, a Black-owned crab delivery service that has become the very first of its kind in their area. The two chefs who both lost their jobs in March due to the pandemic have definitely turned a setback into overnight success.

They first thought of the idea when they both were craving crabs at a brunch, but there were no crab deliveries in the area. Together, they decided to make one on their own and that’s when R and L Crab Company was born.

“We went home that day and started making flyers,” La told Fox45 News. “We were shocked to get our very first order that day.”

Since then, they have received many orders and they aim to provide top-notch personalized service. Once they get the order, the crabs are cooked and delivered within 30 minutes. They said they never reheat and they do everything themselves, from cooking to deliveries.

They are looking forward to expanding the business, especially as the crab season in Maryland approaches and despite the ongoing pandemic.

“We made a lot of mistakes and are still learning as we go, but I can say I know how to start a business and it may not be a traditional way but I don’t think there’s a traditional way to do anything,” said Rae.

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