Tyler, The Creator Opens New Golf Wang Store In London

Tyler, The Creator has recently opened a third Golf Wang Clothing store, this time in London, England. On Oct. 21, Tyler opened his store in London featuring a surprise appearance from the rapper. Tyler’s clothing brand recently released its fall/winter collection for 2023, according to Complex. 

Golf Wang is a take on part of the official name of the Odd Future collective that Tyler is most closely associated with. It swaps the first letters in Wolf Gang for each other, and the fashion has regularly reinvented itself alongside the creator who has been pushing it forward. 

Following his collaboration with Lacoste using the luxury arm of his brand, Le Fleur, Tyler has expanded his reach in the fashion world. His two other stores are based in New York and Los Angeles, both American centers of fashion. 

Tyler’s aesthetic, according to Hypebeast, features bright colors, such as yellow, which is centrally featured in the London store. The brand’s trademark is unique pattern combinations and a fusion of high fashion and skate culture, which Tyler has been pushing nearly as long as he’s been in the public eye. 


In 2016, Tyler had his first fashion show, which fittingly featured runway models skating and biking to Tyler’s music. According to Culted, the show was a capsule and was also the first appearance of Tyler’s Le Fleur upscale collection, which was featured in a Converse collaboration.

Tyler’s fashion has evolved virtually in step with his music career, as his sound has matured beyond his shock and awe style lyrics from his Odd Future beginnings to crafting and creating Grammy nominated albums exploring themes like what fragile notions of masculinity do to men, so too has his fashion blended into something unique. 

Tyler’s clothing line is co-designed by Phil Toselli, who described the rapper’s creative process to The Hollywood Reporter in 2016, saying, “Tyler kind of draws like an 8-year-old, but awesome,” Toselli said. “He has a really distinct and crude style. It’s funny to watch him, because he’s not trained in any way. He just has wild ideas that he taught himself to make into reality. He’s very rapid-fire, bouncing off walls and hyper as shit. It just works.”


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