Tyrese Announces The Death Of His Sister, Shonta Gibson

Tyrese is sharing some devastating news. The actor/singer, 44, is mourning the loss of his sister and tributing her on social media.

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“I can’t believe I am about to post these 3 letters again…. RIP to my beloved Angel of a big sister Shonta Gibson…,” wrote Tyrese the morning of Wednesday, October 5.

“My heart is so heavy posting this because sadly, I’ve lost so many people over the years in this very short window of time….. I’m really in a place where I’m just numb and I’ve found that I’ve become even more selfless and more concerned about everyone else and their needs over mines…..”

He went on to say that Shonta’s daughter, Star, and Tanisha, who are two of his more than 20 nieces and nephews, are especially devastated after losing their “best friend” and “biggest inspiration.” He also solicited prayers for his older brother Tyrone and their biological father, Tyrone Gibson, Sr.

“To my BIG brother Tyrone Gibson [ my mother gave birth to 4 of us 2 Girls [ Salendra and Shonta Gibson and 2 boys… [ Tyrone and me the baby boy the last one out ] and we have buried my mother and now both sisters…. My heart hurts In a different kind of way for my big brother please please pray him…” wrote Tyrese.

Our biological father is still alive and he’s also hurting deeply pray for him Tyrone Gibson Sr as well…..” he added.

Before ending his message, Tyrese asked fans to pray for his brother-in-law Eddie who he lauded as a “True King” and a “manifestation of God’s works.” He also dubbed his sister the “brightest light in every room she ever stepped into” and said that heaven has gained an angel.

“But of all? I really really want y’all to extend some extra prayers and energy to a TRUE KING in Eddie Bell my sisters husband, my sisters BEST FRIEND, father of her children who not only LOVED my sister but completely ADORED his wife…,” wrote the singer. “I have never ever known of a man with such a great soul and I’m so very proud to call you a BROTHER in-law… Eddie you are the true manifestation of Gods WORKS!!! I got you and them kids for LIFE!!!!!!!


Pray for the Gibson’s the Bells, and Meeks, the Ellis, the Durham’s the Snowden’s my whole family needs all the love we can get at this time,” he added. “Thank you JESUS!!! Shon was always the brightest light in every room she ever stepped into…. Heaven gained a new Angel… I couldn’t be more proud to be your baby brother… I will see you again….. Amen!!!!

Tyrese also shared that he skipped the red carpet at Tuesday’s BET Hip-Hop Awards after learning of his sister’s sudden passing.

“[ now that you guys know the truth, the Red carpet was really missed because my big sister beloved Shonta Gibson suddenly passed ],” wrote Tyrese.”

I kept this all to myself and got the blessing and encouragement from my family to show up and push through the performance with JD… Soon as I got off stage I dashed home to be with my family and cried one of those good good o’l cries.”



We’re sending sincere condolences to Tyrese Gibson and his family at this time.

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