Tyrese Rants Over Lil Nas X Latest ‘Faith-Related’ Single

Lil Nas X received backlash from Tyrese after he released a teaser for his upcoming song centered around his personal struggles and faith.

Lil Nas X has received some harsh backlash from Tyrese after he released a teaser for his upcoming song centered around his personal struggles and faith, according to RadarOnline. The 22-year-old artist, known for his bold visuals and boundary-pushing music, shared a snippet of the track that quickly drew criticism.

The 75-second preview includes lyrics expressing a desire for freedom from worry, envy, and internal struggles. This seemingly introspective turn in Lil Nas X’s music contrasts sharply with his previous devilish visuals in the “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” video.

Amid the polarizing reactions, singer and actor Tyrese took to social media to voice his concerns. Commenting on The Shade Room’s post about Lil Nas X’s new single, Tyrese scolded the artist, cautioning against playing with religious symbols. He expressed discomfort with what he perceived as a mockery of Jesus, referencing previous controversies, including Lil Nas X’s collaboration with “devilish” shoes.

In response, Lil Nas X defended his artistic choices, stating that the song merely explores themes of seeking hope in times of despair. He argued against accusations of mocking religion, highlighting his right to express himself through different artistic phases. The artist particularly emphasized the diversity of his expressions, from being a cowboy to embracing satanic imagery and now exploring Christian themes.

Taking the debate to Twitter, Lil Nas X confronted the criticism head-on, expressing frustration with how his art is perceived. He questioned why his work, regardless of its theme, faces intense scrutiny compared to other artists. The singer defended his right to artistic expression, rejecting claims that he uses gimmicks.

This isn’t Tyrese’s first time vocalizing his disapproval of Lil Nas X’s performances. In 2021, Tyrese criticized award shows, including the MTV Video Music Awards featuring Lil Nas X, suggesting they prioritize clout-chasing over genuine talent.

As the public discourse unfolds, it remains to be seen how audiences will receive Lil Nas X’s exploration of different themes and whether this artistic evolution will continue to generate controversy.

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